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It growled and screamed

Seattle Times
Wednesday, October 01, 1975

It probably wasn’t the first time boys have become frightened while camping out in the woods. But three Tacoma youths were so sure they saw the legendary Sasquatch, they abandoned their tent and almost wrecked their jeep in executing their hasty departure, according to Yakima County Sheriff’s deputy Larry Gamache.

According to Gamache’s report, the three youths, Tom V. Gerstmar, 17, Earl Thomas, 18, and Jerry Lazzar, 16, were camped at Section Three Lake on Pinegrass Ridge Wednesday.

The three were heading back to their camp after bear hunting all day. As they walked they heard noises and had the feeling they were being followed, the report said.

They built a fire at their camp and more noises were heard. The report said Gerstmar directed his flashlight across a small pond and spotted two greenish-yellow eyes.

Later they again spotted the eyes with their flashlights, only this time found them housed in a human-like furry body eight or nine feet tall, the report said.

At that point the youths decided to fire their rifles to frighten the creature. They said the creature moved off a little after seven shots were fired. When their flashlights again found it, it growled and screamed, the report said.

And the three decided they would leave their tent and belongings behind and take a ride toward civilization.

Gamache, another deputy and Washington Game Department Agent Larry Konen, returned to the camp Thursday and began searching for what the boys said they saw.


Richard Knoll

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  1. Tyler D

    This is a little off topic but there’s a new indie movie coming out about sasquatch. It called “Bigfoot Chronicles”. I saw a preview for it on bigfootevidence.blogspot.com. I wonder where they got the idea for the name of the movie, hmmmm

  2. r v

    You know, I had the same problem with Wes and Woody. I’m certain they knew about my site, “Sauce Kwatchkron Ickles”. I’m saving up for a lawyer.

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