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Daylight sighting by emergency services worker driving on Hwy 11 just outside Fort Frances, Canada

YEAR: 2007rainylake map

SEASON: Summer



LOCATION DETAILS: just west of town. less then 2 kms from Fort Frances

NEAREST TOWN: Fort Frances, Ont

NEAREST ROAD: highway 11

OBSERVED: One evening last year, Aug or Sept, I believe, I was driving into town, Proceeding easterly on hwy 11. as I was JUST outside of the town limits (the curve immediately before the window and glass store here in Fort Frances) I saw… something.. cross the highway going from south to north about 500 meters in front of me. It was around 7pm, so there was still ample daylight left, and the weather was perfect, no fog, ect. What I saw stood about as tall as a moose. In fact, I thought it was a moose at first, but something was wrong with the picture, as it was striding across the highway on two legs. I remember thinking; “where is the other half of the moose?” the hair looked as if it had the same texture as moose ‘fur’, hair, whatever… and a bit darker. It seemed quite well practiced at walking on 2 feet, not like a bear at all. It simply crossed from the woods on the south side to the woods on the north side. I sped up a bit, hoping to catch a glimpse of it as it went deeper into the bush, but had no luck.

The creature crossed the road casually, as if not in a hurry or concerned by the witness’ on-coming vehicle. It took all of 3 steps for the creature to cross the two-lane highway. The motion was fluid and consistent with natural locomotion. Estimating height and weight, the witness concluded that the creature was no less than six feet tall, stocky, with a weight of at least 400lbs. Hair/fur appeared dark in color with a reddish hue, perhaps 2 inches in length. Facial features were not noted.

The area of the sighting is just outside Fort Frances where boreal forests, farms, a few residential homes, a lumber yard, and storage facility dot the landscape. The creature exited the forest on the south side of the highway (having to step out of a ditch), nonchalantly crossed the highway, and entered the forest on the north side of the highway (yet again stepping into and out of a ditch). The area is teeming with wildlife, including: deer, moose, bear, coyote, etc. Indigenous food sources are abundant and lakes/rivers are plentiful. The witness has spent a number of years in northern communities and is well-versed in local flora and fauna.

OTHER WITNESSES: no other witnesses. I was driving into town. Traveling East

Still good sun, clear weather

ENVIRONMENT: thick, dense boreal forest on both sides of highway

Source: BFRO.NET

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