Possible sighting at a farm outside Victoria (Vancouver Island)

  YEAR: 2006-2007 SEASON: Fall MONTH: November PROVINCE: British Columbia COUNTRY: Canada NEAREST TOWN: Victoria OBSERVED: I am writing this to inform you (and to kind of hopefully eliminate some other posibilities) of some rather embarassing occurances on and around our property. When I say embarassing, it is because I actually do read quite a… Read more »

Encounter at Iron Bridge

  This happened to two friends and mine in August, 2007, twenty miles northeast of Highway 17, near the town of Iron Bridge, Ontario. It would probably help to describe the property that we were on. It is a 750-acre parcel with a forty-foot-wide river running through it. Extending out from this river at both… Read more »

Surrounded by Sasquatch

  Thanks to Gord Olliver for sharing. ¬†Some of the facts written below have come out since he was a guest of ours back in October 2014. Again, thank you Gord. Click here to listen to Gord’s encounter on Episode 57. He is the second guest.   My name is Gordon Olliver and I had… Read more »

A glimpse of the Old man of the Woods

By: Steve Laramee I was visiting our family house in St. Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada. It has been, for the most part abandoned since the 70’s, except for occasional family visits for weekends etc. The home has been in my family since the late 1800’s, but moved to it’s current location in 1912. There… Read more »