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Sighting in Ostego County, NY

Ostego County, New York

Me and a few of my buddies were mowing a hay field off of a remote road. The mower broke down so we decided to go home for the night and come back the following day after barn chores and finish the rest of the mowing and tedding. Later that afternoon, after barn chores-me and my friends drove out in my friends Toyota Tacoma to the location to finish the mowing. When we got there, me and my friend started working on the mower on the edge of the road. My other two friends started to connect the tedder and the tractor. The field had been half mowed on the right 8 acres and the left acres was left un-mowed. the part that was mowed had been partly tedded along the edge of the woods the day prior and left three foot tall windrows of hay. Now, I have seen coyotes, fox and bear rummage through the windrows in the past looking for mice, rats and turkeys that may have gotten chopped up by the mower. But what we saw, changed our lives. My friends started tedding along an existing windrow making a new windrow. They got about 500 yards away from us going up a small hill.

Suddenly, about 100-150 yards in front of them a huge 7′-7’6″ 400-550 pound giant hairy thick human like creature popped up from behind the windrow-turned and started to run away. This hairy gorilla-type animal was a good 60 yards from the wood line. With only 10-12 bounds, it was in the woods. We walked back to investigate the location immediately. Somehow this unknown creature managed to hop a 4 foot high stone wall and a barbed wire fence with ease. It also went up hill through open hard woods I.E. oak, maple, cherry ect. 300 to 400 yards before it could have been out of sight in the thick undergrowth of the brush lot. We were at the woods edge within one minute, and it had already disappeared from the scene and was clear out of sight. My friends were within 150 yards of the woods said the animal was very quiet as it entered the damp woods.

We looked for tracks and signs and had found nothing. I have hunted my whole life and had taken deer bear and almost all northeastern united states game. This animal was like nothing I have ever seen. It was not dog-like, cat-like, or bear-like. It’s shoulders were at least 3 feet apart. It’s neck was as thick as a humans hips. It’s head as wide as a small car tire. It ran with such ease. And jumped higher that any human I had ever seen even at a track event or even a professional sporting event.

Activities of Witness: Just quietly working on a piece of farm machinery. Then started up the tractor and started tedding.

Description of Creature: 7-8 feet tall/ Blondish brown hair/ hair 1-3 inches long/ thick and muscular but graceful/ head was a large as a small car tire/ neck as thick as a humans hips/ legs very very long like 4 feet or so and Muscular.

Source: gcbro.com

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