Family has multiple sightings in KY

  Investigation Conducted: 11-8-2014 Encounter Dates: 11-2-14, 11-4-14, 11-6-14 Witnesses: Wayne, Debbie, Bill and Bessie (last names on file) City: Garfield We received a call on Nov 6th regarding the encounters and arranged an investigation at the family’s residence on Nov 8th. Upon arriving at the home we were enthusiastically greeted on the porch by… Read more »

1941, Happy Jack Logging Camp, Arizona: Bear Chased by Bigfoot

Lumberjacks Ezra Stretchan and Jack Fischer returned to their cabin at Happy Jack camp. They were getting ready for dinner, Stretchan was outside smoking a cigarette when he called for Fischer to come outside as quickly as possible. The annoyed Fischer stuck his head out of the cabin door to see what Stretchan was so… Read more »

This Is What Patty Would Look Like Up-Close

Have you ever wondered what the Patterson-Gimlin might look like up-close and personal? The Ohio Bigfoot Conference just posted an awesome rendition of Patty’s face and it’s pretty deep: A gorgeous Bigfoot bust of what’s supposed to be a artistic rendition of Patty just in a darker coloration by DougFX. Looks incredible Credit:

Watch: Possible Footage of Skunkape

While canoeing in a swamp outside of Tampa, Florida, the witness spotted something “walking” and diving in a gator infested area. He starting filming what he thought was a bear. The only problem is that Lettuce Lake Park is a 240-acre Hillsborough County-run park where bears tend to stay clear from.

“The Watcher”

  El Paso County, Colorado Colorado Springs Early 1990’s I am currently deployed, so I won’t give you my name or where I am deployed at the moment, please do not list my email and do not reply, I don’t know if my mail is read or not and this business is not something we… Read more »

Castor Creek, Louisiana sighting

  Vernon Parish, Louisiana June 1986 Closest road US Hwy 171; nearest city is Leesville Castor Creek area It was approximately 2 AM Two of my cousins and me were asleep in our open-air tent alongside of Castor Creek. (Known to the locals as “Sam’s Old Bottom”) At 2 AM one of my cousins was… Read more »

Issues with listening to shows

  Another member recently posted this in the forum: I started having problems playing some of the episodes from the default player provided. I would have to use the alternative (blogtalk) player.  But when the most recent episode wouldn’t play, the alternative provided this time, was a link.  I checked my netgear firewall, and found… Read more »

Show Notes tonight with Jon and Sara Brown

  Tonight at 5pm PST, 8pm EST-I will be chatting with Jon and Sara Brown about all happenings on their property.  Audio, video, their own sightings, and future plans for research.  See you then!  Call in and chat with us!  646-716-8791.  

Strange beast roams in Rome, OH

  The Valley News; Orwell, Ohio; July 1, 1981 STRANGE BEAST ROAMS IN ROME OHIO ROME – A Rome family has reported a large mystery animal roaming around its home and terrorizing horses and other farm livestock. The family on Johnson Road reported that it shot at the black animal described as between seven to… Read more »

Deer hunter has daylight encounters and attempts to take photos east of Findlay

  YEAR: 2014 SEASON: Winter MONTH: December DATE: 6 STATE: Illinois COUNTY: Shelby County NEAREST TOWN: Findlay, Illinois NEAREST ROAD: Bruce and Findlay blacktop OBSERVED: I’m a retired paranormal and cryptid researcher and I had a personal encounter this year while deer hunting in Shelby County Illinois which is considered south central Illinois. I will… Read more »

Close encounter in India

  Thanks to Craig for sharing his encounter. In 1998 I took a sojourn in India, I lived there for a while in NW India’s Himalayan foothills, the closest airstrip would be Bhuntar. I did the usual stuff, hiking, playing hours of karrom and generally soaking up the sights. We took walks that lasted days… Read more »

1994, Cross Timbers State Park, Kansas: Bigfoot Peeks In Cabin

Garry Montcliff had rented a cabin at Cross Timbers on Toronto Lake. Montcliff planned a week of relaxation, hiking, and working on his novel. On the third night of his vacation, Montcliff was disturbed from his late dinner by sounds just outside the cabin window. Montcliff describes the sound like a class of fourth graders… Read more »

SC EP:74 My Sasquatch Encounter is now available

Sean had contacted the show to share his encounter. He had a clear daytime sighting of the creature and goes into great description of the face and what he saw. Take a listen in the podcast section.

Tomorrow night is our 75th show

Tomorrow night is our 75th show. We invite everyone to call in and share their encounter, comments or whatever you want.This is an opportunity to ask questions on stuff we have talked about in the past or future plans. The show will start at 6pm PST (9pm EST) The call in number is 646-716-8791.

Upcoming Show Notes-Monday the 26th-Jon and Sara Brown

  Monday, Jan. 26th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST   On the next episode, I will have my friends, Jon and Sara Brown.  They have ongoing activity on their property in WA State.  We will discuss their thermal footage, me and Wes’ visit to their property, and their current plans to drive the subject forward.   Remember this… Read more »