1994, Cross Timbers State Park, Kansas: Bigfoot Peeks In Cabin

Garry Montcliff had rented a cabin at Cross Timbers on Toronto Lake. Montcliff planned a week of relaxation, hiking, and working on his novel. On the third night of his vacation, Montcliff was disturbed from his late dinner by sounds just outside the cabin window. Montcliff describes the sound like a class of fourth graders… Read more »

SC EP:74 My Sasquatch Encounter is now available

Sean had contacted the show to share his encounter. He had a clear daytime sighting of the creature and goes into great description of the face and what he saw. Take a listen in the podcast section.

Tomorrow night is our 75th show

Tomorrow night is our 75th show. We invite everyone to call in and share their encounter, comments or whatever you want.This is an opportunity to ask questions on stuff we have talked about in the past or future plans. The show will start at 6pm PST (9pm EST) The call in number is 646-716-8791.

Upcoming Show Notes-Monday the 26th-Jon and Sara Brown

  Monday, Jan. 26th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST   On the next episode, I will have my friends, Jon and Sara Brown.  They have ongoing activity on their property in WA State.  We will discuss their thermal footage, me and Wes’ visit to their property, and their current plans to drive the subject forward.   Remember this… Read more »

Howling thing by moonlight

by Doyle As a geologist working mostly in the western U.S., I’ve observed various unexplained phenomena over the years. Some of the strangest things I’ve heard of, second hand, of course, are tales told to me by my paternal grandmother – Aunt Bessie, as everyone called her. One such story she told me sometime around… Read more »

Howls near Fishhawk Lake, Oregon

  I  had a weird thing happen to me, and a friend, while hunting down in Oregon where I grew up. We both heard a long howling sound as we were in the deep dark timber one night while coon hunting with our hounds near Fishhawk Lake, in Clatsop County. We were both on foot,… Read more »

Large creature encounter in Lewis County, WA

  Date: January , 1989 Lewis county, WA Nearest town: Toledo Nearest road: Green River Conditions: clear and cool Time: pre-dawn dark hours Location: I was driving on the main logging road leading from Morton to camp 18 and the Toutle River Valley. Description of event: Facts of the incident as nearly as I can… Read more »

SC EP:73 Listener encounter stories [Members]

  For our members-Episode 73 is now in the Episodes section. Tonight is a special call in show. We asked our listeners to call in and share their Sasquatch encounters with us. We speak to several people tonight who came forward to share their encounters, including a gentlemen who spoke about his friend disappearing under… Read more »

Deer carcass plucked from Swift Creek Lake in Virginia

Chesterfield, Virginia Swift Creek Lake at Pocahontas Park – Informant wished anonymity. My wife and I are on a big fitness kick and have recently taken up kayaking. Not the kind of kayaking you see on TV where people go barreling down whitewater rapids in small boats that more aptly resemble floating coffins. We are… Read more »

Sighting in Ostego County, NY

09/27/13 Afternoon Ostego County, New York Me and a few of my buddies were mowing a hay field off of a remote road. The mower broke down so we decided to go home for the night and come back the following day after barn chores and finish the rest of the mowing and tedding. Later… Read more »

Reno police officer has sighting on Boundary Peak in Nevada

YEAR: 2004 SEASON: Summer MONTH: October STATE: Nevada COUNTY: Esmeralda County LOCATION DETAILS: It was about 1,000 feet S.E. of the peak to Boundary Peak Mt. NEAREST TOWN: Dyer Nevada NEAREST ROAD: Canyon Trail Rd. OBSERVED: I have been a police officer in Nevada for over 19 years. In 2004 two of my college roommates… Read more »

A glimpse of the Old man of the Woods

By: Steve Laramee I was visiting our family house in St. Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada. It has been, for the most part abandoned since the 70’s, except for occasional family visits for weekends etc. The home has been in my family since the late 1800’s, but moved to it’s current location in 1912. There… Read more »

Bigfoot encounters in Minnesota

Jay Stewart – Bigfoot Encounters 1975 Written March 1983 Date: 2nd week of July 1975 Time: 1st Encounter, Approx. 5:00 am 2nd Encounter, Approx. 6:30-7:00 am Nearest Town: Ely, Minnesota County: St. Louis Nearest Road: Inaccessible by vehicle. Take County Road 88 to County Road 116 (Echo Trail) North of Ely to Fenske Lake on… Read more »