Watch: Recent Sasquatch Encounter

The witness reports “This is my recollection of a recent sasquatch encounter where I was lucky enough to witness one running very close to me. I startled it with my flashlight and it bolted off down the hill. I was able to follow its movement with my light and got a glimpse of reddish-brown hair… Read more »

Everybody Has a Story: This one is about Bigfoot

I want to thank Janet for sending this to me. Having been reminded of an incident from my past by the History Channel, I feel compelled to share. Sometime in the early 1980s, a cousin and I were coming home in the afternoon from a fruitless deer hunting day in the area of Bear Prairie,… Read more »

I then realized….this was no monkey I was seeing

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma I want to thank Bobbie for sharing this encounter. Bobbie writes “A few years back my husband told me to come tell him what I seen in the tree out back with a set of binoculars. Well I looked a few times and finally spotted what looked to me as a big… Read more »

Park Ranger At My Research Area

This was posted by West Virginia Bigfoot Research. The officer looks like he is dressed as a State Park Ranger and these guys and gals are generally really cool people.

Why the real King Kong became extinct

© Provided by AFP An undated picture provided by the Press Office of the Senckenberg Research Institute on January 4, 2016, shows a large molar of Gigantopithecus from the collection of Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald The largest ape to roam Earth died out 100,000 years ago because it failed to tuck into savannah grass… Read more »

Trying to process what I saw that day

I find the description of the creature very interesting. I really like this report. 2015, West Virginia On Nov. 24th 2015 I was hunting deer during FIREARM season back on the hill behind my house…I am going “bonkers” for lack of a better word, trying to process what I saw that day. I was walking… Read more »

Something was looking at us from the window

I want to thank the listener who sent me this encounter. The listener writes “My name is —— and I am an avid listener of your show! In 2008 I had a slumber party for my sweet 16 and my best friend and I had a class A sighting of what I believe to be… Read more »

Coming soon…..

I started working on this upcoming show for members. I hope you guys enjoy it. Not only children have been the unwilling victims of Bigfoot or Sasquatch as we shall see when reading the tale of the strange case of Muchalat Harry. The Nuuchahnulth or Nootka Indian tribes were whale hunting Indigenous people of the… Read more »

Two Local Bikers Come Across Path of Mysterious, Hairy Creature

An interesting encounter of a possible bluff charge. Cliff and Matt meet with Todd and Sylvia, who encountered a bigfoot while biking through Sasquatch Provincial Park in British Columbia.   Credit:

Loud screams came from the ridge

2013,Oregon We were at a campground in the Mt Hood Nat’l Forest. I had a 55 gallon drum of goat guts & beef guts with a sheep carcass in the back of my truck. Within 2 hours loud screams came from the ridge over the campground. On the second day we heard wood knocks and… Read more »

Possible encounter close to the hospital

200, British Columbia It was around midnight and I was with two friends walking through a small forest less than a block from my house. we were standing around talking when we all heard what sounded like a tree branch snapping ( a rather large one) my friends kept talking while I was curious and… Read more »

SC EP:180 Scary night in the Adirondacks

  Join me tonight as I speak to Joe. Joe is a skilled hunter and trapper and shares his encounter with us when he was deep in the Adirondacks Joe writes ” I have been a hunter and trapper my whole life. I have ran into every wildlife known to man in that area but… Read more »

Bigfoot Encountered In Florida

Mark writes “Bigfoot Caught On Film Again-Florida research team pulls off another clip of a real bigfoot in Florida, mark deals with strange electrical shocks that mess with him and his camera/audio.”

On Fridays show I played a clip of this

On Fridays show I played of clip of this. Knobby said when he hit the creature with the rock it started chattering really fast and it was a very bizarre vocalization  

SC EP:179 Aggravated Sasquatch Encounter

I am working on an app for members to use. Please be patient with the process but it is coming. The show will be posted in the members section shortly! You do NOT want to miss tonight’s show. Knobby writes “It was sometime later, I’m not sure how long, when he let out his first… Read more »