Listen: Vocalizations from BFRO 2014 Texas

I want to thank Anthony DeWayne Martin for posting this to the group. Some very interesting sounds indeed. Youtuber StudySasquatch writes “This audio was recorded Wednesday night during the 2014 BFRO Texas Expedition while Cliff, Gary, Boyd and Kirk were on a night walk in the forest. These vocalizations happened a couple hours after the… Read more »

A very large man covered in red hair and had a pointed head

1945 White County, Illinois I personally did not have an incident but my Aunt and Grandmother did. I am not certain the year. My aunt was a young girl and she is in her late 70’s now. My grandparents bought a cabin for a weekend get away. This cabin was very remote. It was near… Read more »

Mask associated with sasquatch lore returned to B.C. First Nation

A Sasq’ets mask, commonly know as sasquatch, is seen in this undated handout photo. Bigfoot sightings may be elusive, but a sasquatch mask missing for 75 years was easily found after a simple request from a British Columbia First Nation. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ HO, Museum of Vancouver VANCOUVER – Hunting for an elusive sasquatch mask… Read more »

Tonight SC EP:161 Michigan hunter encounters a Sasquatch

Tonight I will be speaking to Zach who had an encounter in Lake County, Michigan. This is Sunday’s show I will be releasing early to members. I just spoke to a hunter who did not believe in Sasquatch and came face to face with the creature just a few years ago. The hunter says “It… Read more »

ATV rider has close encounter at night

2008, Patronville, Indiana It’s taken me a long time to share this story (about 7 years). My family, friends and I use to ride atv’s very often, usually on the weekends. I had the biggest 4 wheeler so I usually stayed in the very back in case someone got into trouble or hung up, there… Read more »

The Wentsworth Document

Tracy, Joe, Mark, Chris and Pam have been working really hard on the Miller Document trying to figure out if it is legit or not. While I think it is impossible to prove it to be 100% legit because we do not have the original document and the author has passed away there are a… Read more »

The Miller Document

This letter was sent to Linda Newton-Perry, you can find the original  link here. I have some great researchers looking into this document. We are currently looking for additional researchers to help with the investigation. Mark Zaskey has agreed to come on the air and discuss this document and talk about additional help we are… Read more »

Man Has Arm Bit Off

I want to thank a listener, Joe for sending this to me. Stories about Bigfoot- A Horror Sighting and encounter: A story told to me [John Sweet] to share publicly. More stories need to get out there. There is more about this animal people are not talking about. This one has never been shared before and it is very… Read more »

Mt. St. Helens “Ape Cave”

“Ape Cave” in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest went unnoticed for about 2,000 years. Then in 1951, Larry Johnson of Amboy, Washington was logging in the area when he discovered the entrance to the lava tube cave, which was at the time, almost completely blocked with vegetation and timber growth. Johnson then related ‘the find’… Read more »

Strange creature in Mississippi

This is a news report from Mississippi about a small town being terrorized by what may be a bigfoot, or according to some, a werewolf type creature.

Upcoming Show: Michigan hunter encounters a Sasquatch

Lake County, Michigan This is Sunday’s show I will be releasing early to members. I just spoke to a hunter who did not believe in Sasquatch and came face to face with the creature just a few years ago. The hunter says “It was about 4:30pm and was starting to get dark, I was on… Read more »

Creature charged my big rig

My favorite artist is at it again, Andrew Benoit posted this artwork for “SC EP:157 Creature charged my big rig.” I really dig his work!

Nick Redfern: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Wild Men of Texas

Nick Redfern is one of my favorite authors. You can find his books here. While I disagree with some of his theories on Sasquatch I love listening to him speak about his research. Nick Redfern presents at Unity Fest in Glen Rose, Texas on Saturday, March 21, 2015. He covers several cases of cryptids –… Read more »

Strange audio captured

The Youtuber tcsjrbigfoot writes “This audio is not owned by me. It was sent from of friend of mine and he asked me to make it public. Listen for the 3 growl/grunt noises! My friend told me that he placed the audio recorder in a Ziploc bag to be protected from the rain. And then… Read more »

1980 Bigfoot sighting remembered

The bigfoot evidence posted this article and I love older stories. Maysville Mayor David Cartmell looks at an archived copy of the Oct. 11, 1980 edition of “The Mirror” newspaper. A headline on the page reads, “Big, Hairy, Thing Stalking Mason Co.” In the autumn of 1980, television viewers were anxiously waiting to find out… Read more »

Why don’t people see the yeti any more?

I want to thank Julian A. for sending me this article. Until recently it was common for people in Bhutan to share stories of their encounters with the Himalayan yeti. But with the arrival of modernity, villagers no longer need to climb high into the mountains, where they once saw traces of the yeti –… Read more »