Jul 14

Upcoming Show: This creature was huge

I spoke to the witness yesterday and he said “On July 7th, 2013 around noon my family and I were driving on Highway 83 on the east side of Swan Lake in Montana when I saw what I thought was a fisherman standing on the side of the road.

As we got closer I started realizing this was no man. As we passed it I said to my wife “did you see that?” and to my surprise I wasn’t seeing things. My wife went into details about what she saw. The creature was standing 20-40 yards off the highway and it was standing on two legs and its arms were down by its side. It kind of had its back to us and this thing was covered in hair.

It had a grey patch on its shoulders and upper back. The head turned to the left and this thing had a flat face it was no bear. I turned around and went back to the location and the creature was gone. I thought it was standing next to a 4 or 5 foot tall fence. The fence was much taller than 4-5 feet, it was well above my head.”

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