Jul 15

World Bigfoot Radio: Updates from Randy Caveman Yazzie

Duke writes “Randy Caveman Yazzie goes over some recent strange occurrences on his land, we talk about 2 events from his childhood, and get into the Navajo lore on Bigfoot and some other cryptids.

The thumbnail photo, and interior one, is an excellent game cam shot, taken by a camera owned by Fred Eat when he was at Caveman’s house working with him to get some documentation. The camera was on the Power pole outside Caveman’s trailer house, and pointed at it. Height was 5′ 2″ from center of lens to ground, so just barely below the line of sight of a 6′ tall person.”

6 Responses to “World Bigfoot Radio: Updates from Randy Caveman Yazzie”

  1. Karen C

    Duke and Randy talk like their Brothers, I throughly enjoy the complete segment, had me laughing and scary at the same time, Good Job you guys…

  2. Karen C

    No noodling but stopped near a dirt mound in desert to look for arrowheads when my friends mom didn’t see a Badger come out of a den, she didn’t see it, I yelled GET IN THE SAND RAIL NOW! She came running back an flew into the buggy and we took off. Very Scary and she thanks me a million times. Like Duke said if you go into the wild be informed, Thanks Duke…

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