Jul 15

Upcoming Show: Brenda Harris

I will be welcoming back to the show Brenda Harris. Brenda investigates encounters around the reservation in New Mexico and will be sharing with us some updates from around the reservation. Here is a recent investigation Brenda, Hoyt Velarde, Dave Ooz, Jon Lee and Ryan Harris did after getting a call involving some markings on a camper trailer.


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  1. Steven B

    How coincidental for me. I was on a flight and was talking to a gentleman just before getting off the plane. He mentioned he was with a group from Colorado that were coming to a competition of games for Native Americans. I asked, “Central Colorado” to which he replied, “Oh no, down in the southwest.” I was just about to say “Four Corners” and he said “Near the Four Corners. Some of these kids live about 30 miles away from there.” I mentioned that there was “a lot of weird things that go on in that area”. He says, “Yeah. My sister-in-law is into that stuff like bigfoot and such.” I said, “Your sister-in-law wouldn’t happen to be Brenda Harris?” He says, “Yeah. That’s her!” I mentioned that she was on “Ghost Adventures” and said “Yeah. That and that looking for Sasquatch show.” “Oh, NOT Finding Bigfoot”.” He laughed and said, “yeah that show.” He agreed with me that I wouldn’t want those guys deer hunting with me as we wouldn’t find deer either. Didn’t get to talk to him for long or get his name, but he was a pretty personable guy with a voice that sounded a lot like Tom Sewid.

    • Steven B

      Yeah, I wish I had started a conversation with him during the flight rather than near the end. In any case, I found it to be pretty darn neat to accidentally run across a relation of a well known personality in the Sasquatch world.

  2. Teresa V

    I sure hope Wes can get to talk to her about when she was on the Ghost Adventures show. There are several of our members including me, who want to know if she was able to get rid of the demonic creatures that were causing havoc at her home.

  3. Gabriel H

    Looking forward to this. And I fully understand if she doesn’t want to discuss the material from Ghost Adventures.

    We love you Brenda, Ryan, and especially the kids. You have a home here with Wes, Woody, and the rest of us

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