Watch: Sasquatch in the Puget Sound

From modern day sightings to stories of Puget Sound’s earliest settlers, Sasquatch has been part of Puget Sound. Roger Fernandes of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe narrates and Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, author of Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide, observes that the possibility that Sasquatch exists requires forests where such a creature could… Read more »

SC EP:101 “We saw a big big….person?” Is now available

Available now in the podcast section. Tonight I speak with two witnesses. It always interested me to speak with witnesses who have no knowledge of Sasquatch. My first guest is Kris who is originally from Washington State. Listen as Kris describes what he and his friend saw that day. He describes the “thing” as being… Read more »

The strange mystery of the Valley of the Headless Men

I want to thank Lawrence K. for sending this to me. I am looking into this story. The Valley of the Headless Men. Anomalies first began in 1908, when the Macleod Brothers came prospecting for gold in the valley. Nothing was heard or seen of the brothers for a whole year, until their decapitated bodies… Read more »

“I do not know what we saw but it was real”

This was very interesting, a report of a family home being surrounded by strange creatures. There was multiple witnesses and evidence that was collected. The family barricaded themselves into the home and waited for the sun to come up. While watching from an upstairs bedroom the wife recalled “then this thing just stood up on… Read more »

Strange noises!

I have heard coyotes and foxes make some strange noises, while I am on the fence of this being a coyote it is strange none the less. Anthony Martin posted this video on the Sasquatch Chronicles Fans! Page. The YouTuber writes “Finally got to hear what all the fuss was about on the Umatilla Indian… Read more »

Upcoming Thursday Nights Show

Thursday nights show will feature two guests. My first guest talks about moving to a property and having rocks thrown at her house and how one night the creature came up too close to the side of the house and knocked over a ladder. The witnesses boyfriend ran out of the house with a gun… Read more »

1972 A State Of Horror

Witnesses have seen a huge, hairy, hulking creature stalking the woods and lonely country roads. The creature is similar to the well-known Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. It has a pumpkin-shaped head, three-fingered hands and leaves three-toed footprints. This aggressive creature is known to kill animals and antagonize humans. The creature has been nicknamed “Momo”… Read more »

That Sasquatch has German Shepherd ears and a dog muzzle..

“My friend and I for lack of a better term are research partners. Several years ago my friend moved back to his home state of Oklahoma… Late One night he took his teenage daughter out on an old country road to star gaze..He brought his night vision with as is his custom..Well as they were… Read more »

Young woman disappeared never to be seen again

So many strange disappearances have occurred on a stretch of highway that covers 837 miles in the state of British Columbia Canada, mostly involving women or children. Few roads on earth are more dramatically breathtaking than Canada’s Highway 16. The lonely highway stretches east-west through British Columbia, winding its way through snow peaks, bustling mill… Read more »

Large, hairy, human-like creature lurking in the remote regions of California

Hundreds of people have reported seeing a large, hairy, human-like creature lurking in the remote regions of California, mostly Northern and central California. We can only imagine the numbers of encounters and sightings which have gone unreported. The average person doesn’t know what he just saw and surely doesn’t know he can report such things…. Read more »

200 Million Year Old Gigantic Footprint

It looks like we have little knowledge of what our planet was millions of years ago. There have been numerous discoveries that have baffled researchers and scientists. Now we have a gigantic footprint in Africa that according to legend is around 200 million years old. What are the chances that this actually is a footprint left… Read more »

The Kotlik Howler

Kotlik, Alaska with a population of 600, is the northernmost village in the Y-K Delta. It is one of the most rural villages in this region, situated along the southern shore of the Norton Sound. It’s name means “trousers” since the river system where it’s located looks like a pair of pants. At the end… Read more »

To put things in perspective

“To put things in prospective, this was the worlds tallest man at 8ft. 11 inches. A large percentage of Sasquatch sightings are to be an animal near 9ft tall with a 4 foot shoulder width” -David S.

The Sealand Skull

It is one of the most controversial artifacts discovered in recent years. The Sealand Skull has raised numerous questions that science cannot find an answer to. The Sealand skull was discovered in 2007 in Olstykke, Denmark by workers who were replacing sewer pipes. Until recently, nobody seemed interested in this finding. It was in 2010 that the… Read more »

Man investigating barking finds dog impaled on tree limb

Editors Note> “CAS officials say no foul play is suspected, and it is believed the dog ran up the tree after an animal and slipped.” Does this make sense to anyone? The dog ran up a tree after an animal….the dog was impaled on tree limb, 15 feet up. I have never seen a dog… Read more »

Watch: Deer Hunter Sees A Bigfoot

Dear Hunter is interviewed about his encounter with Sasquatch while out hunting. The witness said “It was hairy, the shoulders were 3 1/2 to 4 feet wide, the face was flat..”

Instead of being a person, it was a Hairy Man!

Editors Note> This is an interesting article that was sent to me In 2011, a utility company installed four wind turbines in Emmonak, Alaska. In addition to providing service to the village, the utility also built an 11-mile electrical intertie to serve the nearby village of Alakanuk,Alaska. During development of this intertie, one of the… Read more »

Mystery tracks reported on Curtis golf course

Editors Note> I wish the article would have described the tracks in more details. Strange track for sure.. Sharon Jorgensen of Curtis, Nebraska, discovered foot prints on the Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course in Curtis Jan. 15. She laid her glove beside one track for size reference in a photograph she took. (Sharon Jorgensen/Courtesy photo via… Read more »

‘Bigfoot’ Creatures Climb up onto Roof of Texas Home

Texas– A man says a group of tall ape-like creatures entered his property and climbed up onto the roof of his northern Texas house. “I was currently staying at my parents place when I had finished college, ” Courts Griner, a man in his mid-thirties, told Cryptozoology News in an interview.  “I was chatting with… Read more »

Watch: South Idaho bigfoot sighting

Dale Graham recounts the details of a bigfoot sighting from the remote spot where it happened. If the video doesn’t play below, click here.