Strange experience at my families cabin

A listener writes “My family owned a cabin in Missouri, south east of AVA. Think of the schoolhouse on Little house on the Prairie but about 4x the size. My grandfather actually went to school there and would swim in the creek at recess. I bring that up only to say that it close family… Read more »

Military Aircraft Experiment Spotted at Chicago O’Hare

Science Channel writes “A possible military aircraft experiment was seen by airport personnel at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. A team of experts analyze surveillance footage to uncover the science behind some of the most bizarre occurrences ever caught on camera.”

How The Sons of Fallen Angels Nearly Destroyed The World

Legends of History writes “So it’s probably about time we looked at the Book of Giants. Having already done an extensive series on the Book of Enoch (section 1, at least) I thought it would be both interesting and imperative to get the perspective of the giants, most notably Mahway. After all, these creatures never… Read more »

The figure was standing still but swaying slightly

A listener writes “I had an encounter back in the late spring of 1985 while living in El Paso, TX. I experienced this encounter along with my brother and two other friends. It started with a late afternoon thunderstorm that lasted longer than normal and produced a large amount of storm water. The storm water… Read more »

Bigfoot in Minnesota

Untold Radio Network writes” Join us as we welcome Bill Butcher back to the show. Bill will be sharing encounters and stories from his family and friends in the Minnesota area.”

The Confessionals: Dogman’s Interdimensional Portals

The Confessionals writes “In Episode 510: Dogman Interdimensional Portals, we are joined by Hunter. I believe Hunter holds a key to better understanding the depths of the strange topics we cover on this show. Hunter has dreams that he says are more real than the “waking world.” During one of these dream experiences, he encountered… Read more »

Strange events on my property

A listener writes “I had a house built in 2012 in the mountains of NC. I’ve had many encounters with Black Bear to know what happen to me wasn’t a bear. My first experience was not long after I moved in that same year. I heard a howl. I knew it wasn’t a dog, coyote,… Read more »

Stalked By Something

A listener writes “I was 15 in Bridgeport Texas when I was staying with a friend at her house. It was Fall early year 2000-2001. I was staying the weekend with her & her older brother was in town. For the sake of their privacy I will name them Jane & John. So, her brother… Read more »

Bigfoot Audio in Ohio with Dr. Kenny Brown

Untold Radio Network writes “Tim and Dana dive into the Ohio Bigfoot phenomenon with BFRO investigator, Dr. Kenny Brown. He is a lifelong outdoorsman and has a special interest in wildlife audio. They discuss his research and how he and his family got involved in the subject. Kenny’s audio potential audio links related to Bigfoot… Read more »

Odd Experience In Lower Michigan

A listener writes “We just moved to Mio from lower Michigan last year. We were four wheeling for the first one. We were not far from our cabin and stopped for a break on a county road from the trail. Within a minute of taking our helmets off we heard what we thought were people… Read more »

SC EP:917 Get That Damn Light Out Of My Face

Episode 917: Get That Damn Light Out Of My Face is now available for the members. This is a must listen. Barrett describes this encounter that happen to him on his family property in Louisiana. The encounter happened in 2009. Here is a his encounter he sent me:

Upcoming Show: Get That Damn Light Out Of My Face

A listener writes “I do want to preface this by saying that from a very early age, I have always had a love for the outdoors. My parents signed me up for cub scouts when I became old enough, and that transitioned into the Boy Scouts. But even when I wasn’t scouting, I would beg… Read more »

The Frederick Valentich Mystery

Untold Radio Network writes “In 1978 Frederick Valentich disappeared over Bass Straight whilst flying a Cessna Aircraft and reporting to air traffic control that he was being buzzed by a UFO. This incident has haunted author/investigator George Simpson for 45 years. Born in 1958 the same year Frederick was born. George believes he saw the… Read more »

A Human Skull Is Discovered In Ancient Peruvian Ruins

Quest TV writes “Archaeologist and mummy expert Ramy Romany has travelled to Peru in search of remains of an ancient tribe that could rewrite history. High up in the mountains, Ramy finds a human skull in ancient ruins, this could be a key clue as to who exactly was here before.”

From The Shadows: UFO, Bigfoot, and other Strangeness in Georgia

From The Shadows writes “Trey Hudson, author of “The Meadow Project”, joins us to talk about an area of investigation in Georgia that only be described as the Skinwalker Ranch of the South. He shares some of the findings his group have documented over the years in this isolated and very active area.”

Strange Hiking Trip On The Appalachian Trail

A listener writes “I was section hiking the Appalachian Trail towards the end of August through September 2022. A section hiker is someone who is just hiking parts or sections of the AT. It can be a day or weeks or even months. In my case I was out for a month. This particular section… Read more »

SC EP:916 The Butter Street Monster

Leslie writes “In the early 1980s I was running our John Deer 4440 on a farm that’s known was the “Cottman Farm”; nestled against the Great Miami River’s East bank and directly across from Chautauqua Ohio. This was early Spring and a fairly warm day. I was chisel plowing and spraying pre-emergent herbicide, back and… Read more »

The Extinct Human Species Found In Remote Cave

PBS Eons writes “Deep in the Rising Star Cave system lies a mystery of paleoanthropology: a chamber filled with the bones of Homo naledi.” On 13 September 2013 while exploring the Rising Star Cave system in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, cavers Rick Hunter and Steven Tucker found hominin fossils at the bottom of… Read more »