Oct 8

Strange Unknown Noise Caught On Video

The witness writes “me, my wife and grandson went grouse hunting about 45km from Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada when we heard these screams, it lasted for around 5 minutes but we only got 3:05 minutes of video and we have 2:15 minutes of it here. happened on October 3, 2019 at 6:50pm CST.”

24 Responses to “Strange Unknown Noise Caught On Video”

  1. Mike C

    Hmm, definitely interesting. To my ear I would kinda lean towards it possibly being a large wolf but, I am by no means an expert. The way it tapers off just kinda reminds me of a canine call. Who knows though, there’s definitely some power behind it.

  2. Kenneth T

    I’m from northern Minn and we have wolf up the a$$$ and I’ve never heard a wolf like that . The intensity the volume or the gravely pitch on the end . Very very cool

  3. Coop

    Definitely not something small. The deep part is very loud. It sound like it got closer to them from the first to the last, or I guess possibly could have sounding off in different directions and the last one was in their direction. Oh wait, CNN just said it’s a bear haha

  4. Keith M

    This came from my sister in law’s friend up in the Sioux. These folks are natives, they aren’t visitors on that land it’s theirs. It’s not a wolf, they’d know. This is something that they thought was unusual enough to send out.

  5. Garry M

    I have been up to Sioux Lookout, Dryden and Kenora.

    Spent a lot of time working with a variety of Wolves, that is not a wolf that you have recorded.

    Sounds like an older black bear boar to me.

  6. Rodney P

    Now this type of roar is what I like to listen to because by listening to it you know it can’t be a human faking a Bigfoot. This type of roar is way to powerful so it’s only 2 things it could probably be . A bear or Bigfoot is the only things with the lung capacity that goes with this type of roar.

  7. Steven Z

    Even when comparing to various bear sounds online, this doesn’t match in my opinion. When a bear is being that loud, it’s way more of a guttural roar that is deeper in tone and lacks the scream aspect of the sounds in this video. I mean, we’ll never know and I’m not saying I know it’s a sasquatch creature, but it really doesn’t sound like any known animal that I’ve heard… even bear.

    • Sarah O

      My thoughts exactly, the consistency each time, the mixture of howl and roar and volume. This doesn’t resemble a bear to me at all and too guttural/loud to be a wolf. Hell, we are on a Sasquatch website, I’m still surprised by all the bear and wolf talk.

  8. Jerry W

    I heard something like that in Alaska Wrangell-St Elias wilderness, I assumed it was a big wolf just because of the little howl at the end. We never found out what it was. Just 2 of us in about 9 million acres of wilderness. The bush pilot told us they had only flown in 6 people in the last 6 months and none in the last month before we went there. We found huge wolf prints, but also huge grizzly prints. No Squatch prints though!

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