Nov 6

We Kept Waving And Yelling Hello

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I’ve contemplated writing to you for a long time. Anyway here goes… in 1980 I was 8 yrs. old. I live in R.I. and back then the snowfall was double..triple of what we get now.

My grandparents live in Touisset R.I. which was a tiny farming village in the town of Warren R.I. One road in and out all of 200 people at the time with our own mini volunteer fire dept. and when it snowed we didn’t see town or state plows until all of Warren itself was done…so the residents took it upon themselves to clear away the snow the best they could.That winter we had alot of snow.So when us kids discovered that the small cow pond across from our house had been cleared by the fire dept. we were all delighted,since most residents still had driveways with 3 and 4 ft. of snow in them ..ours included. We were bundled up and sent off to skate early morn.The sun was far down in the sky when we all ..6 of us..met in the middle of the ice and started the talk about heading back home.It was only over stone wall through 2 acres of field over another stone wall ..cross the street and we were home. But that 2 acres had close to 4 ft of snow in it we had to wade through again and we were tired now .Suddenly my cousin Chris said who is that? We all turned around still on the at our backs.. the sun was just touching the horizon in that direction so everything you looked at looked almost black.The other stone wall looked black …and beyond it in the big field..probably 20 acres..was a lone tree also looked black.We all had our hands up shielding our eyes. My cousin yelled out hello to the extremely large black figure standing under the tree one arm above the head leaning on a branch.The figure was so bulky but at the time in my head he was dressed for the cold.Even the silly looking shaped hat I thought was on his head…why would anyone wear a bolo type hat in the cold ? The sun was directly behind the tree and him and a speck on the horizon and we kept waving and yelling hello and calling the figure over…but nothing. A decent guest of wind and suddenly what we then thought was a ghost blowing in the wind and we took off running. Now in my minds’ eye I see the hair blowing and his rounded skull. There are no houses on that side of the wall.

He had no where to come from which is why we thought ghost.Now I realize too really tall he must’ve been ..he was in 4ft or more of snow at the time I was young thinking he was standing on it but half his legs were actually unseen and he had to be 5 ft wide all the way down. He never moved to follow us. Our parents still out clearing snow laughed at our ghost story. That summer my grandmother kept complaining that some hairy guy was looking in her windows..the blinds stayed down all the time from then on.We always had 6-8 cats at a time we were down to 1 in a year…other families too.About 1/8 of a mile down the road in the same side as pond was our clamming spot.Its also where the volunteer fire dept. was until the following year everyone reasons. It’s a bird sanctuary before the sand and salt water it was always kept up nice the trees trimmed nice paths because some special bird lived there after the fire dept closed the sanctuary went to pot..its awful it’s scary to walk in there.That lil pond we fished at it in summers for sunfish we never could understand where all the piles of clam shells came from. A raccoon could carry that many? I never thought so.

Well my hubby is a skeptic ..a few yrs.back I took him to the pond in the summer ..sure enough still there piles of clam shells..I couldn’t believe it..there’s a tiny orchard there too…along side the shells were all pits from peaches. They made the top and bottom of the ponds’ edges really thin so the cows wouldn’t wander on the side the street is on…as we were walking in there was one cow ..when we got there we couldn’t see him..I went to the skinny ledge and there it was dead..neck was still a big briar bush!! The growl that came from that Bush froze me in my spot hubby threw me over his shoulder and didn’t stop running till we hit the car. I’ve been forbidden to go back. Thanks for listening Wes.”

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  1. Celia

    Great story. I’d love to hear this witness interviewed on the show. I’m in Virginia now, but spent 16 years in Rhode Island. Nine of those 16 years were in Bristol – right up the road from Touisset Point. I used to love driving through the village to see all of the neat little bungalows (although last time I was there I saw many large/newly built homes that were not there before). It’s really a special place. Blows my mind that there would be a Sasquatch in the East Bay, but I remember when a bear and her cubs crossed the Sakonnet River Bridge so the area can certainly support large animals.

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