May 21

WikiLeaks Released A Fake Moon Landing?

I am not sure how legitimate this is but the Youtuber writes “WikiLeaks released a Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada desert, confirming that the Americans have not been on the Moon.”

12 Responses to “WikiLeaks Released A Fake Moon Landing?”

  1. Eric S

    It’s not an article but a video. Plus on Wikileaks’ own site, the only reference to the moon landing is the old news that the original tapes got erased. The poster’s (“Joker Deep Music”) other videos look more like conspiracy theory satire.

  2. Janetta V

    68 years old now and for some reason I have never believed that we went to the moon. I guess it’s because the gov’t has lied in the past that it’s made a lot of people that way. Thanks Wes.

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