May 20

The Skunk Ape Lives

Stacy Brown presents historical accounts, eyewitness testimony and evidence. Check out the Skunk Ape Lives now available on Amazon. It is free with Amazon Prime. Check it out here.

6 Responses to “The Skunk Ape Lives”

    • Charles R

      Cliff did a very fine analysis of detail on that footage during their Finding Bigfoot episode of this incident. He did this on other incidents during the show’s course using a lot of scientific method. Wife has the prime and we will watch, maybe this evening. I remember the first time I saw the thermal I knew instantly it was a skunk ape. It was the way it moved and that huge step it took in a flash.

  1. Charles R

    The wife and myself watched last night. Some really good interviews. The prop costumes for Bigfoot(s) were bad, real bad, however no one has been able to make a convincing one that I know of. My wife got upset when the rangers who ran over a juvenile 6 footer years ago where taken to the wood shed by gov’t agents that they hit a bear if they said anything different all hell would break loose. Why would they do this? Why do they care if people know? I explained to her this is a reoccurring theme .

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