Apr 28

White polar bear like figure on the side of the road

On the last show I talked about a witness I spoke to who said he saw a large polar bear like creature. After hearing his description it sounded like a white dogman type creature but very large, large enough for the witness to think a polar bear escaped the zoo until he got a closer look.

Another listener writes “Wes, first, big fan of the show and I’ve been to write in for months to speak to you about my two experiences with “orbs” of light¬† in the East Texas area as well. One of which was not pleasant. I will have to expand on that sometime in the future. I was just listening to E213 Dark Water when I heard the “Polar Bear” encounter and I had to drop what I was doing, text my father, and now Email you.

Roughly 6 months ago my father was driving near Navasota, Texas, time was roughly 3 a.m. if I recall correctly the original telling. He was shocked to see what he describes as a white polar bear figure on the side of the road. He tried to circle around but there was another vehicle behind him that prevented him from doing so. He only got one look at the creature. He immediately called my mother to tell her a polar bear had escaped from the zoo. My mom can confirm that he was freaking out and confused.

This was near a high game fence. We later assumed someone was harboring an exotic animal that got loose. Looking back, this of course is not feasible for a polar bear as this area of Texas reaches 100 degrees plus. There were likely deer inside that game fence. There are several game ranches in this area as it is rural and deer breeding/ guided hunting is a lucrative business here. Keep that in mind a food source.

My dad no longer tells the story because it became a family joke of sorts and to be honest, I think it embarrasses him. Hearing the description of the polar bear white dog man in Virginia gave me the chills today while listening to your podcast. I immediately sent my dad a link to the podcast and directed him to the 33 minute mark to hear the account. I am at work and will call him this evening, but just received the following text from him after he listened:

“I won’t ever forget what I saw. I can show you the exact spot. It was weird. It looked like a white polar bear moving fast. It stopped and looked right at me when I passed by him. Its face was smaller looking pointed like a dog, just as he said on the radio. But real big running on all four legs just like a bear.”

My dad is very level headed guy. I grew up in the woods and on the water with him. He works for an engineering firm as a site supervisor in high end commercial/refinery construction. He is analytical, old school, and an outdoors-man. He was actually traveling for work at the time. He would not make this up. He would not misidentify a known animal. I’m honestly at a loss for words. Wes, I think he saw a Dog Man that night/early morning. Please let me know your thoughts. Have you heard any other white dog man accounts?”

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  1. David D

    I’m always impressed when folks’ tell the truth. You can just tell, if you listen. There is a rather strange set of verses in the Scriptures’, that tell of a yet future Day, when animals will actually turn on man and begin to attack and kill. I always wondered about that, and just stored it into my rather small, but ever growing “filing Cabinet” (brain), and I remember thinking, how in the world could animals make that bid of a difference. I mean, really. It’s not like all of the neighborhood cats, dog, opossums’, etc., are going to converge on you as you leave the local grocery store! But, then comes all the 411 books, then come the GenSix, stuff, and the Early Skiba stuff, now I don’t have to scratch my head any longer. I just keep my head up; looking up!

  2. Frankie P

    Sounds like he definitely saw a dogman type! Poor guy, and in Texas. That would shock anyone, and I would have thought Polar Bear too because of the size. Maybe he’ll be okay now that there are 2 sightings. Texas has bf, so I’m sure dogmen would love it here.

  3. Tim G

    In my opinion, this guy definitely saw a white Gugwe. I can imagine there are still some left in Texas. This doesnt sound like Dogman, but sounds a lot like a Gugwe with the color of the “Pennsylvania White”

  4. Daniel D

    Freaky, Sasquatch can be scary, but dogmen and the gugwe are just downright frightening. I mean the disposition of these creatures from what I’ve heard is just savage to say the least. Texas is sounding like an even scarier place than I thought from hearing Bob G and the boys down there in the big thicket talk. I think I’ll have to go on one of their expeditions into the big thicket to see what it’s like down there. I would love to see or at least hear a squatch.

  5. Jacqueline O

    Wes, do you think you could persuade this individual and/or father to share their stories for a future show? I’m sure many of us here at SC would love to hear about the dogman encounter AND the orbs of light. Being a native to Texas, it still blows my mind that there are possible sasquatch, let alone Dogmen, here. On the other hand, since a young child, I’ve heard many stories regarding strange lights and ufo phenomena from reputable people all throughout the state.

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