Apr 28

Update on the property

A couple of shows ago I talked about a witness talking about finding prints around her property. Her son was getting off of the bus and saw a very large orangutan looking creature looking at him.

This is her update: “Hi Wes, I just wanted to give you an update on what has been going on here on our property in Virginia. On Monday night I ended up taking a late shower at night because I had been working most of the day in my garden, well we have a big bathroom and a huge window that covers most of the outside wall. When we purchase real estate in Hialeah FL, that particular window had 4 sets of blinds, we left the blinds as is, they don’t completely cover the window you can kind of see a crack in between the blinds but it is no big deal.

Well Monday night as I was drying myself I began to feel uneasy and I happened to glance at one of the blinds thru the small opening between blinds and I saw a face. The face looked just like the face print left on my front door except looking right at me I didn’t see the side like the door but facing front both eyes and nose looking right at me. It scared me I turned the bathroom light off.

Even then I wasn’t sure of what I saw, I began to rationalize what I saw thinking that maybe it was just in my head and I had that image from my front door still fresh and maybe I really didn’t see it. My husband came in the bathroom when he noticed I turned the light off and I was still in there, I told him that I didn’t want the Sasquatch to see me, he just laughed and said nothing was going to see me thru the blinds. He turned the light back on and I finished getting dressed. Right after this we both walked out on the deck, it was dark we didn’t hear anything our dog was on alert barking and sitting there looking out towards the empty lot next to ours.

She went back on the deck with us I was looking towards my left when I saw a shadow run across our property into our cluster of Cedar trees. This shadow looked like a skinny kid running but with long arms, he wasn’t swinging his arms he had them almost close to his body. It made me think of my older son but shorter, my older son is 16 and he’s 6’3 long and skinny. The figure was long and skinny but not as tall, it looked like a kid maybe 5’0-5’4. I noticed the long arms and he had a round head, it almost looked like he took two steps and was in the cluster we have of Cedar trees.

At least that’s what I saw. As soon as the kid reached the Cedar trees I heard to my right a bird chirp like a day time bird chirping. We have trees on the other side of our property where the bird sound came from separating our property from that neighbor. We heard a bird sound a second time and I told my husband they are communicating lets go back in the house and we did. The next day I found footprints right where I saw the face on the bathroom window. the window is high so he had to be pretty tall. I also saw footprints in the garden where I had been working. I now feel like they know my scent at least the one with the 19″ footprint does. We have a zero turn mower and I mow the lawn here because my husband is always working and every time I mow I find footprints next to the mower the next day.

Last night we were picking my son up from football practice they just started practice for their 7 on 7. We were coming back home about 9:30 pm when my husband and son went in the house.

I decided to stay on the front porch with the dog to see if I would hear anything. Our dog ran to the side of the house barking then came back and stood next to me when I heard my husband or what I thought was my husband say GO HEAD to the dog. He says this to her a lot when they are outside. Well I thought it was odd that I heard him say that but with a raspier voice when he was inside. The dog ran straight to the front door and wanted in. I went in after her and asked my husband why he was telling her to go head when he was in the house. He says to me he didn’t, he hasn’t said anything since he went in the house.

I told him yes you did I heard you say to her go head like for her to go and chase something. He looked at me and said I didn’t say anything I have been here in the house and haven’t said a word. Than I thought to myself oh crap, the big guy was out there next to the house than mimicking my husbands voice, it had to be I clearly heard my husband say those words GO HEAD but now that I think about it, it sounded like my husband but with a raspier voice at the end.

I just thought I would share more of what’s going on with you thank you so much for listening and being there.”

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    • thomas w

      i think shes spot in about the smell especially after bath time with the scented soaps, lotions, shave creams, etc bigfoots can be lonely lonely creatures like us at times but times a thousand. most of hs are civilised and can control our horomones but a feral primate/human cross? that terrifies me. I mentioned forest brides in a comment yesterday… i think rape by a 8 ft plus sasquatch would be the pinnacle of things that would completely destroy my mind and break me down completely more than anything else out there. As far as calling the dog, definitely NOT curiosity. Its simple hunting… the dog barks when Squatch is near. Call the dog resembeling its masters voice and silence it, and one would not know when its near. To this lady. Get spotlights, ourdoor pack of dobermans or pitbulls… aggressive dogs that will attack. Sensor flood lights near the house that span at least 30 feet, and deadbolts on everything. I pray u have an ADT alarm system with window sensors. And above all, get yourself a conceal carry so you can have the gun in your car to carry to and from the house when leaving. Everytime you get a hint of something, call 911 on a possible intruder/stalker. Those words to a police force, mixed with many many 911 calls will keep the police near your residence more often. I wish you the best.

        • Lou V

          Unless of course your running around in the woods in nothing but booty shorts singing the song the bad touch by the bloodhound gang? If not your good.

          • Jacqueline O

            OMG…The Bloodhound Gang! I haven’t listened to them in years!

            Never underestimate the promiscuity of a female squatch! I’m sure she’s out there somewhere…ready to “pop it, lock it, -n-drop it”…I believe that is their mating signal?

          • Jacqueline O

            However…I have no doubts that homosexuality runs rampant in the squatch community as well. Anthropologists have discovered this in almost all cultures of humanity. Can you imagine having to explain that story to the police and your gastroenterologist?!?

    • thomas w

      my first thought instantly. the first time i heard that story i became one big goosebump. that elderly couple are one big target. An apex predator for sure, with born-in hunting skills. Its terrifying to think of another mammal bi ped that topples us on the food chain out in the woods.. nothing scarier.

      • Jacqueline O

        I think little peanut survived, but I don’t remember which episode?

        Unlike Thomas’ reaction, I busted up laughing when he said that…damn I laughed so hard! It was so unexpected! I couldn’t help but imagine Lennie from John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”…a mentally-challenged giant attempting speech using two syllables, “Peee – ut”

  1. Frankie P

    Sounds like the situation is escalating. Is her husband aware and taking any steps? Like lighting, etc.? I’d carry bear spray too, or one of those air horns. Enough of that and maybe they’d leave the place alone.

  2. Dave H


    Out of interest, what happened to the lady you mentioned a few months back that had them regularly coming up to her porch when her husband was away, Wes? You hoped to convince her to come onto the show too. I think from memory she took a shot at them?

  3. Robert H

    Put some big bear traps that clamp on too your foot outside that window with a bucket of acid above the window with a rope and maybe you can catch him by the foot and blind him at the same time then when his hop knobbing around outside you can run out and kick him in the ass ?

  4. Daniel D

    Yeah, definitely keep an eye on your dog so she doesn’t end up eaten or just killed for the sake of her exposing their position at night, they will do that. Good luck and I hope you and your family stay safe. Being from Virginia I’m assuming that these people own firearms and hopefully know how to use them. But I agree with someone on here that at the moment it just seems like curiosity, but that can change in a heartbeat. Be careful.

  5. Sid N

    Reminds me of my neighbor, who is also my cousin, saying the lanky, tall Squatch said to her dog, DOWN! So freaky! But the dog did as commanded and dropped down from her chasing stance! The Squatch continued waking across the road and onto the hillside and out of her sight. That happened in Southwestern, West Virginia.

  6. Jack33

    They’re watching you through the bathroom window as you shower? That’s beyond creepy. My guess is they’re male Sasquatch, and it sounds like one or more of them has taken special interest in you….not good.

    The reality is that, with the exception of a relatively small group of individuals within our government and military, we know next to nothing about these creatures – and those who do know aren’t talking. The rest of us are left to speculate and make assumptions about everything from their actual numbers, to their social structure and behaviors.

    It should be quite obvious that we share a similar physiology with Saquatch -and I’m sure they notice it as well. When you consider THAT fact, along with the many reports made over the years by Indians of their women being abducted in the night, and by farmers of these creatures having their way with various farm animals and livestock, it would only make sense that you take extra precautions to protect yourself.
    They’ve already demonstrated in the past what type of behavior they’re capible of, and I wouldn’t take any chances if I were you.

    Be safe and I wish you and your family nothing but the best.


  7. Jeffrey H

    Great encounter, I hope she and her family stay safe. As far as the dog goes I think that if BF’s were going to have the dog for dinner I think it might of happen already. The dog doesn’t continually bark at them so the dog doesn’t seem to be a threat to expose them. I would, as others have mention though keep and eye on her dog so that her dog doesn’t become a threat to them in the future were the dog could be just killed to protect their snoping. I believe she is right on about the big guy getting her scent down. Smart lady!

  8. Kathryn C

    Not trying to be an alarmist but I think your whole family needs to be very careful, meaning your children and husband too. Who knows what goes thru a male sasquatch’s head and we know they are territorial and could possibly be jealous of anyone giving you attention or spending a lot of time with you. I may be way off but better safe than sorry, Just take all precautions you can and I would treat this with ALL seriouness.

  9. Kay S

    I agree with the others. Guard your dog, and be very careful indeed! Get extra lighting around the house. If it was me, I’d be finding somewhere else to live. It’s not always easy to up stakes and shift, but it may be safer for everyone concerned.

  10. Milton L

    The situation does seem to be dangerous enough to be absent from that location for a time.
    An elephant gun might work for someone with experience handling that kind of weapon, but isn’t for newbies.

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