Apr 28

Are there Mountain Giants in the Solomon Islands?

Do Giants Still Exist? The Giant’s Of Solomon Islands!

11 Responses to “Are there Mountain Giants in the Solomon Islands?”

  1. David D

    You guys need to get to the GenSix. website (it’s on the you-tube) and watch them. Tim Alberino does a fantastic job explaining everything you’ll ever be able to handle. Plus, just for added credibility. those guys have received countless death-threats. Be careful what you wish for! Once truth takes over the brain, sometimes great boldness follows; even in the face of death.

  2. David D

    Oh yea, I forgot to mention Brother Rob Skiba. He does some great work on giants-Nephilim-and just plain really weird truths’ that man, especially the religious idiots who have tried to cover things up. All things, will eventually be brought into the Light! Enjoy! He’s also on the you-tube.

  3. Janetta V

    Great posts David D. thanks. It really is the Genesis 6, thing still going on. After all Jesus did say that as in the days of Noah, so shall it be like when He(Jesus) returns again. That time is nearing. Noah had a lot of trouble with the giants. Now they have repopulated and are here again. Thanks Wes for putting this video on this site.

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