Sep 15

I was grabbed by one of these creatures

A listener writes “back in 1991 I was, I don’t want to say attacked, but I was grabbed by a sasquatch and thrown against my trailer and held there for about 30 seconds by a female sasquatch.

I was 6′ 240 pounds at the time And I could bench press about 500 pounds… I was also in the military and after I told this story to some of the Rangers at the ranger battalion in Fort Lewis I was given a top secret briefing on what the whole situation is with sasquatch…. I was also in the Army National Guard for the state of Washington and one of my squad leaders was told me about his is encounter with 10 sasquatch after mt st helens blew up… It’s been more than 25 years so I can actually tell you the whole story”

Spoke to the eyewitness and he said his first encounter was during training at Fort Lewis. He said “I saw 5 figures running on the ridge and I asked the commander if we were suppose to have visitors and I will never forget what he said, he said “I never thought I would see another one.” Than he explained to me what the 5 figures were Sasuqatch.”

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  1. Stanley E

    I was in 2nd Ranger Battalion in 1992 and never heard a peep about this… I heard about the stripper Stormy, the shoot out on Hill Top but nary a peep regarding this incident nor any like it. we never received briefings regarding the subject either… curious.

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I share some of the doubts and questions others have, and would love to hear the witness come on the show and talk about his encounters. I always give someone the benefit of the doubt, and would like to hear about his experiences.

  3. Christopher N

    Glen K’s got the right approach. My meter is going off as well, and I think people who concoct stories are the lowest of the low. But in the big picture, giving the benefit of the doubt helps to create an environment in which we can get closer to understanding these creatures. We want to be supportive of genuine people. This is the best way.

  4. Mark V

    Inside vs Outside….
    Usually if you are getting this kind of briefing you are on the inside and privy to other information as well… (ie Portals, UFOs and aliens)… I would like to know what other experiences outside this episode this witness may have had… If you you are on the outside, I would expect some kind of orders to shut up about the incidence and forget it ever happened…. Would be rare or unlikely for somebody to get a briefing and not be involved directly with other incidents and phenomena ….

  5. Timothy K

    So here’s my thoughts on this. I was in the Army for 20 years, I spent 9 years of my time in a special operations unit. Never have I heard of a NG Soldier asking a question about something that saw or experienced and then being brought in for a TS briefing about it. I could be wrong, it’s happened a few times in my life, but this just doesn’t seem plausible in my opinion. Just my opinion.

  6. Bob V


    Lets say you are the government. You are watching this site. I suspect it does. Someone comes out with a story like this. It wouldn’t shock me if the person watching this site takes this story up the chain. In a short time people post as doubters. Just saying.


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