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Watch: Strange lights flying around

Last night Woody and I headed out towards Yacolt, WA. I wanted to retell a local encounter story that happened recently and video tape the actual location for you guys and gals. Everything went to a hell last night when we saw lights in the forest. I was able to capture some of it with my night vision. I was not going to post this or even talk about it because it was so odd.

It was not a UFO just strange balls of light flying around. We were up on a ridge line watching it for some time. We decided to go down to where the lights were and found nothing. Upon returning to the ridge line there was not one ball of light but three.

There is about 3 hours of video I am trimming down to about 20 min. I will be uploading it for you guys shortly.

I am open to suggestions on the lights

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  1. Steven B

    Wes, I’ll need to watch this tomorrow, however, did you see my posts and email about your last video you and Woody took. You had eye shine in it as well as a sound that I couldn’t identify. With you having the original video, you may be able to have it enhanced to see what creature was behind the eye shine. You mentioned that in your and Woody’s original encounter there was Sasquatch up in a tree so, even though it appears up high in the video, I thought you may be interested in a further look at it. Take care my friend.

  2. Frankie P

    Orbs are just weird. Some biologist or someone must be checking these things out! I could see the one, faintly. Strange it wouldn’t show up on camera. Well, sleep well guys!

  3. Kim S

    These “orbs” are just a metaphysical word for…believe it or not are just energy of Essence, be it fae or water spirits for example.
    I lived on a 25 acre property in Australia…and I saw the same thing above the sugar cane fields, looking through my bedroom window…I must admit I closed my eyes, reopened them but they were still there.
    Started out as one the turned into three all above each other, in sequence.
    I really don’t find it strange because of always seen them in everyday life…colours ranging from blue to orange etc…just smaller.
    I really do think it’s worth researching…but within…do you know what I mean.
    Don’t always look on the outside…you will never find the answer.

  4. scott o

    Do you have capability to set your ISO high and get some shots without night view mode etc. I did a lot of similar camera work in California a couple of years ago viewing structures in low light situations.

  5. Alisdair W

    you can get FLIR camera attachments for phones now that aint too pricey. would be interesting to have seen if there was any thermal images around or associated with the orb. great work fellas. far braver than I would be.

  6. Charles R

    Wes. You and Woody have seen what millions have. Are they natural, are they as what Kim S above describes. I think at least in some cases they are associated with ufo aircraft and under intelligent control. They have been seen in conjunction to crop circles, cattle mutalations, US Military bases, and many other places. You might want to go to MUFON and research orbs, as this is one of their specialties.

    3rd Thursday in July 1995. My good friend Rick and myself in his GMC truck, Rick is driving. Traveling north towards the Mackinaw Bridge on I-75. Mile marker appx 259. To our left and Right is the National guard Camp Grayling bases, artillery bases and such. Anyone that has been in Northern Michigan knows how forested and swampy it is, and very hilly. It was around 830 pm so not dark but light is fading. I hear metal rattling in back of Rick’s truck, I think they were aluminum cans. I turn around to look out rear window. My gosh, only one foot away from me is one of those orbs, separated only by his window. It was the size of a large grapefruit with a whitish fuzzy light, but not real bright. It just stood in place there in mid air one foot away. I said Rick you are not going to believe this look back. As Rick turns his head this orb just shoots straight up into the sky and disappears so fast, less than a second it is gone. I have had at least several weird UFO experiences in my life including a close encounter of the 3rd kind when I was a youngster. Was this orb checking me out at the time, or is there another explanation. I too would like to know Wes.

  7. maura o

    That reminds me of the Brown Mountain Lights at Linville Gorge in North Carolina. No one has gotten to the bottom of that phenomenon yet, but it is easy enough to witness if you stand at the edge of the gorge and looking out. Some think it has to do with the make up of the rock in the mountain.

    I can’t tell from the video whether it has a glowing quality – but there are many fungi (and even worms) that glow in that dark.

  8. Jan W

    Thanks for posting, guys! I agree you should have capped one of those orbs and drug it in! Ha! Since there have been many BF sightings in conjunction with orbs, there may have been one in the vicinity. That area looks very desolate…it is great to see where you guys are traveling.

    Charles, your experience sounds very interesting.

    The Brown Mountain lights have always fascinated me. They have been seen for hundreds of years and no one has been able to explain the phenomenon.

  9. Melanie W

    Made me think of the Brown Mountain lights too. No idea what it could be from the one you were able to catch, but it looked like it was casting light on the surrounding trees, and some of the reflected light was blocked by trees in front. Is this the case?
    Can anyone here stabilize the image and zoom in? I don’t have the software to do that, but it might help in determining what it is.
    Another clue might be the fact that the first lit was caught by the infrared setting, but not the others… Maybe because it was so bright? I don’t know.
    Btw, if you go to about 4:30 minutes in, just after Wes asks Woody to lower the window, there is briefly another light in the upper right of the frame. Wes moves the camera to zoom in on the original light and it leaves the frame.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if it was anothe group of Squatchers across the river quietly sitting and waiting to see something? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  10. wendy s

    You two are so adorable!! It looks luminesent so it’s strange it didn’t pick up on camera very well and then not at all. Did u have a creepy eerie feeling???

  11. david a

    Wes- Try setting your focus to “manua” model and then set to infinity (opposite of close up). This works for me because auto-focus messes up everything at night. It looks like its auto-focusing on the brush closest to you and blurring out the light (s) off in the distance. That will maybe help on your next strange light ball encounter. Very interesting video. Weird as hell. I want to know what that is out there. Makes no sense.

  12. Gabriel H

    Wes if that situation arises again, try turning off the IR light on the camera and see if it works for you then.

  13. diana m

    Could the first light be someone’s gam cam ‘stuck’ open & shining on a tree or something. 2nd & 3rd lights? Maybe more game cam lights & boogers messing with the trees in which the cams are affixed? Booger entertainment?

  14. Chamberlin

    “Hoia Baciu Forest”, A clearing in this Romanian forest is a hub of paranormal activity. Orbs are witness throughout the entire forest.
    Zak Bagans and Josh Gates did an investigation a few years ago.
    What about insects that glow?
    One of my favorite subjects, orbs in the forest.

  15. Kenneth M

    Subdued light from cell phone screen or other instrument?

    You guys should get some intense high powered and narrow beam spot lights in both visible and IR so you can point out things at great distance. We can’t see anything past the first few trees in your headlights.

  16. Chris M

    With all due respect. You are the only website I am willing to pay for. I rely on you for unbiased level headed reporting and hosting. It is my opinion that you all are beginning to sound desperate to shoot something. Coming from a dedicated shooter. You sound tired and you’ve forgotten that not all of us are of the same religious faith. Just because one would chose to serve a darker lord, does not make them prone to stupidity. Get some sleep. Looking forward to next show.

    • Jay O

      I’ve got to remind you Chris M. this is HIS WEBSITE. It belongs to WES. If he wants to creep out about satanists he CAN. It’s not a democracy. If Wes wants to break out singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips that’s cool. Deal with it or go. This is Karen, not Jay. I’m with you Wes. They creep me out too. Heavy prayers heading out to you and Will.

  17. Jay O

    I actually could see it very clearly. Wish I could draw for you. It is a rectangular light top to bottom longest sides. There seems to be metallic leg or stand coming down from the front right side similar to a tripod stand. Also above the light to the left is a faint light that also seems connected. Not saying it’s a light on a tripod, but it does make me think of an LED lantern hanging on a tripod. Couldn’t see the moving ones but will put it on the 50″ hd tv this evening and see what we can see. This is Karen again, not Jay.

  18. David D

    Hey Wes & Woody, Great video, even if it’s difficult to see very much. It’s almost as if the camera manufacturer’s, have designed their junk to not be able to get good night, or day shots for that matter. Growing up, my dad, was an armature photographer. He took a lot of photos for the Shell Oil Co, of new gas and service stations in Ohio. That lead to what I would call, advanced photography, of different things; family, vacations, landscapes, etc. I’ve got a rather extensive collection of all the slides he took, way back in the sixties’, and they’re all, with the exception of a few, very few, extremely beautiful. My point is this; if he could do that with his Kodak, way back in the day, why in the heck can’t people take clear photos’, these days? Why in the world is everything always blurry-out-of-focus, stuff? Maybe someone needs to get to some old vintage camera shops, and buy something that actually works! No fault on your part, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think if you actually had a good old American made Kodak, you’d probably win some kind of award. My dad actually has a photo/slide, of the big geyser going off out in Yellowstone! He could have had that printed in Nat. Geo., Magazine, if he wished to. Crystal clear, perfect timing, very hard to do; (patience is indeed a virtue). Dad took that photo way back in 1962, when he and mom went on their across America tour. I think it’s time for all the Squatchers’ out there, to go back,,, find something that actually works, and get the fricken job done right!

    • Charles R

      And of course Patty was taken with that old type Kodak camera and to date is still the clearest. However any camera at night is only going to show a light which can not prove to be anything else besides a light. I bought a motorcycle up in Cleveland two weeks ago. Previous owner talked about a great UFO sighting he had in 2015 witnessed by 8 others. Involved six craft from only 200 yards away at most ( however night can be tuff to judge distance. On his smart phone was a clear picture of one of the craft, however it was just a light and could of been a flashlight or other trick. I did believe him though.
      There are some exceptions with the clear pic of underside of a triangular craft from what has become know as the Belgium wave in the 90s is quite good.

  19. Leah G

    Interesting video. Another Interesting subject.
    Wouldn’t it be grand to have access to classified information that would answer most all of our questions?

  20. Janetta V

    Everyone’s thoughts above are so interesting. I’ve enjoyed the footage and comments alot. Thing I want to know is, why do you guys keep going out on these terrible roads at night, where you know you could have another encounter, lonely, desolated, no help for miles, are you looking for trouble? Mystery and a conquest is all fine, but I would be so scared to be out there. Please be careful and Thanks for the intrigue. Janetta.

  21. kevin h

    Strange glowing orb near or in the river = battery powered or glow in the dark fishing bobber stuck in a tree. Someone out night fishing and got their glow in the dark bobber snagged up in a tree and cut the line.
    Is that the answer? Hel I dunno, but its another theory to toss in the hat! Interesting stuff as always Wes.

  22. Curtis T

    Just a reflection from a trail cam? What if its poachers with a camera attachment to see in the dark. Maybe so simple, but then again who would be on the mountain in the dark by the river.

  23. wolfheathen

    Btw, Wes. The object was “vanishing” when you zoom in simply because that tree branch was then “larger” and therefor brighter in the frame causing the automatic aperture on that camera to close a bit more, making the camera no longer able to read the fainter light of the orb object. If you can manually control the “aperture” or “ISO” of the sensor in the future that will help. Otherwise all you can do is to try and avoid having branches in the frame, reflecting back so brightly. Thanks for sharing, brother!

  24. Jennifer G

    Why oh why are you in the scary dark woods, on a narrow road you can’t turn around on without going off a cliff, in a squatchy neighborhood? Are you nuts? Can’t explore in the daytime? I kept worrying your car wouldn’t start and a monster would jump out of the woods … been there done that guys!

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