Feb 3

Strange lights flying around

Last night Woody and I headed out towards Yacolt, WA. I wanted to retell a local encounter story that happened recently and video tape the actual location for you guys and gals. Everything went to a hell last night when we saw lights in the forest. I was able to capture some of it with my night vision. I was not going to post this or even talk about it because it was so odd.

It was not a UFO just strange balls of light flying around. We were up on a ridge line watching it for some time. We decided to go down to where the lights were and found nothing. Upon returning to the ridge line there was not one ball of light but three.

There is about 3 hours of video I am trimming down to about 20 min. I will be uploading it for you guys shortly.

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  1. Dan M

    Awesome!! Thank u Wes, By the way, I know you’ve heard a lot of this recently but i must echo the same sentiments — and that is the last 30 mins of the show where u were speaking about the retired special ops guy and how he tracked these creatures along with supposed “genetic mutations” for militarization” was super intense. Can’t wait for that show!!!

    Be Well,

  2. Karen C

    Mysterious finding, I wonder what makes the balls of light? Swamp gas, extra large lighting bugs (giggle), or something electrical charged thru nature? Wes tell us your thoughts and I’m sure Woody has an opinion…

  3. Steven J

    Out here north of Abilene, TX in a town called Anson, we have what are called the “Anson Lights”. These appear to be one or a couple of points of light, like glowing balls, that float near the end of a road and around a field or two (this road is the easiest point of observance due to farm fields and private property. ) You can go out there and see them probably 1 out of 3 tries at night. If you approach them they appear to retreat or fade, but to an observer behind you they will still be visible, even right on top of you without your knowing it, Its locally attributed to swamp gas (lol, in a semi arid area).

    Lights are real, and I heard of them up in Washington in the GF, but just never observed them there.

  4. Matt f

    Now that you’ve had the lite in the woods expirience curious what your thoughts are.Did u find a staircase out there too?Its all very strange but good reason to have rabbit hole episode.Thanks for the field work.

  5. Laura R

    Wes, the balls of light don’t just happen in the forest. I live in the middle of town, pop. 28,000, and my daughter witnessed a ball of light one night while sitting on the back porch. The one thing I took away from her encounter was she felt it flew with a purpose. What see witnessed was about the size of a beach ball.

  6. James B

    here’s another place, when me and my wife were still dating we use to go out here every Fri. and Sat. night. out of a couple hundred times there we seen it probably half the time. they have had scientists from all over the world trying to figure this one out, also bigfoot activity and Dogman. We lived in Miami, Oklahoma between 1980 to 1986, there’s a bridge out real near spook light called “Devils Promenade Bridge” right on Quapaw Native Land And around there you can find old abandoned Native cemeteries, Little People, Water Babies, If ya know where to look, and that just the start. Spooky as H@ll out there some nights!

  7. Jason M

    No, we all don’t like this stuff. Wes, this is nonsense. Whatever happened to the NO FLUTE PLAYERS policy and, by extension, the rejection of flute player topics? Leave this lights in the forest crap to Coast to Coast AM. And for godsakes don’t mention UFOs and sasquatch anymore. When you conflate one paranormal topic (like UFOs, demons, ghost, etc.) with the sasquatch phenomenon, you automatically demote the sasquatch phenomenon to a paranormal topic. Sort of like guilt by association.
    I admit I am a sasquatch/bigfoot sceptic, and I need irrefutable scientific proof to be convinced that sasquatch do exist. What keeps me interested are 1) the incredibly quantity and consistency of encounters 2) the fact that science has been proven wrong before about claiming the extinction or non-existence of a species.

    Where SasChron can set itself apart from the sea of non-scientific, flute-player fuelled pap out there is if it stays true to two principles:
    1. Continued high-credibility, high-detail close encounter interviews with eye-witnesses.
    2. The collection and reporting of irrefutable scientific evidence.

    Of course if all SasChron is about is entertainment with no real search for the truth, then I guess I’m just pissing into the wind here.

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