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Watch: Oregon’s 41 missing children cases steeped in mystery

PORTLAND, Ore. – There are 41 missing children in Oregon, according to state police.

Well known, of course, is Kyron Horman, the Portland boy who has been missing nearly three years.

But there is also Samuel Boehlke. He was 8 years old when he vanished six and a half years ago.

When Boehlke vanished, his disappearance got a lot of attention. According to the Oregon State Police website for Samuel Boehlke at the Missing Children’s Clearinghouse, he vanished in October 2006.

He’s listed as 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 85 pounds. He’s also listed as endangered and missing.

The search for Boehlke focused on the Crater Lake area not far from Klamath Falls.

The boy was out hiking with his father while they were camping at Crater Lake.

His family continued looking for him even after authorities called off the official search. His family eventually held a memorial.

“I think the life lessons that Sam taught me were receiving patience and glee,” his mother, Kirsten, said at the time.

The search for Samuel Boehlke never did turn up any trace of him, which is why he’s still listed on the Oregon State Police Missing Children’s Clearinghouse website.

Another boy, Derrick Engebretson was just 8 years old when he vanished.

He too is still listed on the OSP website. He vanished in 1998. He’d be 22 years old today.

The search for Engebretson at the time focused on the area where he was last seen – on the western edge of Klamath Lake in the Winema National Forest.

He had been out searching for Christmas trees with his father and grandfather that December when he disappeared.

One of the few clues in his disappearance came in a message scrawled on a wall at a rest stop near Bend, eight months after Engebretson vanished, suggesting the boy might have been abducted.

“In a way, it gave me hope thinking, ‘OK, maybe somebody’s got him and he’s alive,” said his mother, Lori, in 1999. “And in a way, it gave me the worst feeling I think I’ve ever had in my life – somebody having my son and what they’ve done. I don’t know.”

An FBI profiler decided the message was a hoax. The official search for Engebretson ended after eight days. One hundred volunteers kept searching for days after that but still found no trace of what happened to the boy.

No one ever found the hatchet that the boy was supposedly carrying with him during that search for Christmas trees.

There are many cases of missing children still open in Oregon.

Yulianna Escudero disappeared from Salem 11 years ago. She was 14 at the time. When someone last saw her, she was with an older man.

Joan Hall disappeared many years ago. The case is from 1983 out of Warrenton. She was seen leaving a store, walking to Warrenton Elementary School in the afternoon. She was never seen again.

There is also Heather Mehlhoff.

Her mother was the last one to see her in Salem back in 1993. She says her daughter got into a small, gray pickup truck with a red faded door on one side. She never came home again.

If you know anything about these cases or others, call detectives at 1-800-282-7155, the Missing Children Hotline.

Source: www.kboi2.com

15 Responses to “Watch: Oregon’s 41 missing children cases steeped in mystery”

    • Christopher c

      I’m thinking the same thing, I bet at least one of them taken by a B.F. the rest of the kids probably victims of evil cranksters (METH-HEADS)that seem to flourish in the beautiful state of Oregon.

    • Jonas C

      I watched the grainy cell phone video and it looks like a female lioness from Africa lol for reals 🙂 then again it could be a mountain lion. But for sure it is not a Squatch or a Dogman. hehe

  1. Bal G

    Thank u Robert W! Wisconsin is the heart of dogman country. It is not a lion or a cougar. Why won’t the authorities in that state admit that it is something unusual.

  2. Dara H

    I live in Milwaukee and it’s no squatch! It looks to a lot of people whom live here and have wittnesed the videos or had a personal sighting as a African lion. The thing is huge and they have been shutting blocks down hunting for it. Sorry….not a Sasquatch, but still very odd to have such a strange animal rooming our city. I hope they find it before another dog gets shot or worse a human.

  3. Kenneth M

    Very sad – I can’t imagine how bad it must be to have the unknown haunting these parents. Not knowing has got to be the worst as a parent can never move on and accept anything.

    Now that the Missing 411 story is headed to movie making – I have a hunch we will see a lot more “legitimate” media outlets focus on missing persons in the wild. Perhaps this is will be in an effort to redirect thinking, and minimize impact of the coming film. With enough media blitz and spin, Public acceptance follows the media spin of “sh*t happens” in the wild to diminish the Missing 411 movie impact. Essentially and effort so People won’t be so “shocked” due to reporting on disappearances go unsolved and its common and then rationalize reasons like “known” predators, abductors, lost drownings, etc.

  4. Reid D

    I can’t go a day without telling my kids I love them! I can’t imagine the pain or the fear and pain In those kids eyes or what their parents or what they went thru!! Whether it’s a BF abduction or some human predator!! I’d bet a very small % is the ole hairy fella…. I wish I could round up all the child predators and take care of business!! Nothing makes me more angry than someone hurting or preying upon children!! Good ole street justice is what needs to be done!!

  5. Tam C

    Agreed with your comment Reid D. They have little to fear even when they’re caught in the act of stalking children. They walk away, the children are pulled back by either an observer/bystander or their parents and this scum you know is moving on to another target. It infuriates me. I have seen it at county fairs and Hell hath no fury like a mother who is stalking a predator who is stalking her own child.

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