Sep 11

Tonight’s Show: You Are Not Welcome Here

The show will be posted shortly, it might be up a little later than normal because I am setting up my studio after my move.

A listener writes “I have listened to some of your shows. Some of the characteristics of what other people have said on your show match my experiences.” Spoke to Scott and he describes an incident he had in Michigan. Scott has been hunting for over 25 years and had an encounter in 2000 he will never forget.

19 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: You Are Not Welcome Here”

  1. KY I

    I’ve been paced at least a couple of times..
    Once on a mountain side in rock castle
    Again deep in the Daniel Boone national forest. Back in those days I thought only a fool believed in such things..I know I didn’t. But those experiences as well as more to come stayed with me long enough for it all to come together one day. An epiphany if you will.
    Anyway as far the upcoming show bart scott once said “can’t wait!”

  2. Stephen W

    When I was a child my father taught me to never be afraid of the dark.When I was 8 or 9 years old he would take me deep in the woods and place me by a big tree and tell me to stay right here and I’ll come get you. I’m older now and shutter to think I could have been a mid morning snack with these things in the woods.Like the title of the upcoming show.On edge. Stephen.

  3. m99

    Great video presentation Wes. I think you’re having fun with it, which makes me happy because it means you’re going to keep going with it. I love SC . Looking forward to it. Thanks Wes.

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