Jan 22

Tonight’s Show: The creatures were gone

A listener writes “On 11-29-2012 at around 4:00 am it was my turn keeping my elderly mother who had Alzheimer’s at her the home where I grew up in rural Kentucky.

Myself my ten year old identical twin son’s Zachary and Jordan and my mother were plagued by a few strange encounters over a span of just a few months before the encounters finally ceased. We believe there was a Bigfoot type creature or creatures on my mothers remote wooded property in rural Lincoln County Kentucky who showed themselves for a brief time.

It all began when the creature was hiding behind a pine tree in the back yard and observing me through a skinny window in the kitchen while I slept in a chair in the living room with the lamp and television on. My sons and my mother were sleeping in their bedrooms. I awoke in the chair and must have startled it. I got a very good look at the creature as it took a few strides from the pine tree crossing the back yard lit by a security light on a telephone pole and running into the wood line. I watched it run by a small tree through the double glass doors. Based on the tree limbs height it passed by I estimate it’s height at around 7 feet tall. It was massive and covered in black hair long with long arms. No human could possibly run as fast as this thing did. I jumped out of the chair and chased the creature into the edge of the woods alone then retreated back inside the house locking the door after becoming very afraid that it could hurt me and fearing others could be behind me or in the area. I reported my sighting to the Kentucky Bigfoot organization and they put my encounter on their website where it can still be viewed. Both my mother and my son said something watched them on different nights through two other windows in their bedrooms. My son described it as looking like the creature on the beef jerky commercial and having a monkey like face. My mother who had Alzheimer’s said (Quote: A large tall solid black looking man who had the blackest eyes she had ever seen was just staring at me in the eyes through the window.

This really spooked me when she told me this knowing she had Alzheimer’s and some memory issues. I became scared at night sleeping in a chair setting up in the dark for several hours in the room where my moms left with a loaded automatic 9 mm strum ruger pistol under my chair. Then as it got closer to morning I would go in my room alone and go to bed placing my pistol under the edge of my bed. Then on a different night I got another scare late at night while keeping my mom alone.

I heard what sounded like two people talking in a language a type gibberish I couldn’t understand near the edge of the house close to the window nearest to the woods where it was very dark. Then I got out of bed grabbed my pistol and crept toward the sound hunkered down in fear. I never make a sound because if they were planning on coming in the house through the windows I wanted to get the drop on them if I was forced to shoot. Maybe they had a keen sense and knew I was there because all suddenly went quiet and they had gone. I was very relieved it was like something out of a scary movie.

Another night late a large deer slammed into the large front living room windows as I sat in the chair watching television in the same chair I was observed in. Their are several deer in the woods but I have never seen one run until the side of the house and slide it’s body across the windows like this one did. It’s like it was terrified at something and was either thrown or trying to get away from something it continued on running into the woods. The last encounter was I was paved in the woods on my moms property on evening I couldn’t see what it was but something was walking in the woods pacing me then I went back to the house after this it just stopped the creatures were gone. No one ever saw them since.”

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  1. Chad W

    These accounts that involve these creatures looking into windows, especially at night, are so frightening. As a young boy, I wouldn’t even look toward the window in my bedroom at night, because I was afraid I’d see one looking in. (I never did, thank goodness.)

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