Jan 21

Paranormal Portal: Sasquatch Awareness Project

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Scott Carpenter to the show. Scott is a Sasquatch Researcher, Author and founder of the Sasquatch Awareness Project.

Scott joins me to discuss his experiences and insights into the incredible Sasquatch Phenomena. We discuss the Sasquatch, their behaviors and even signs they leave behind. Additionally, Scott shares an shocking Dogman encounter.”

One Response to “Paranormal Portal: Sasquatch Awareness Project”

  1. Lora K

    Wow so it is a fact that in some findings, only a single footprint is left? How do they disguise the rest of their steps? OMG at the intelligence! I had been thinking how strange it is that people that find footprints only take a pic of only one and only cast the one. Now I know it’s because there’s only one there.

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