Jan 22

I fired a warning shot to scare it but that didn’t work

A listener writes “I was deer hunting in Williston ND. It was a morning hunt and I didn’t see anything. I did hear geese fly over head, so I switched gears. Went to my truck watched the geese start deciding.

I knew the field that they were landing in. Loaded my 12 ga shotgun with 3.5 in #3 steel shot. I take a quick drive and walk in. I was in a field there was a wood line and another field. That’s where the geese were. Sneak up into this wood line get as close as possible and fire 3 shots as fast as possible. I ring the necks of the wounded birds and began going back to my truck.

I knew I was going to have to make several trips. On my final trip as I’m headed back to my truck I got a unsettling feeling I was being stalked. I thought mountain lion. I begin to hear something following me in the woods next to me. I load my shotgun and shoulder it ready to fire. I have my back to my I wanted whatever it was to face me. I had a 9 mm Glock in my truck with more 15 plus rounds.

I knew I had to get to my truck and get my hands on my pistol. At this time I’m still back pedaling. I turn and run, opening my door grabbing my pistol. I turn around and see a bigfoot looking directly at me. I fire a warning shot to scare it. That didn’t work, I fired 3 rounds center mass and he let out this blood curling growl/scream, and ran off. I hauled ass out of there, but I was still curious. I went back out there with the next morning with a Ar10 which is a .308 caliber. I found my casings from my handgun and walked to where I saw the creature and found a lot of blood. It was at that moment I became a knower. I knew without a doubt they existed. They are definitely living breathing animals without a doubt.”

6 Responses to “I fired a warning shot to scare it but that didn’t work”

  1. Thomas W

    Well I wouldn’t have shot it. Didn’t sound like it was threatening though they are terrifying…..Would love to hear what he saw if he was close enough to take a shot with a pistol.

  2. Chad W

    Very interesting encounter. Not too many reported encounters in North Dakota, as far as I’m aware, anyway. Would definitely like to hear more about this experience.

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