Sep 10

Upcoming Show: HorrorHound Weekend

I just got back into town late last night. I was able to do a show with several guests while I was there. I wanted to include everyone who was unable to attend. Below is one of my favorite pictures with Bob Gimlin and I did not realize it was being taken. Someone sent the picture to me last night. Hope you guys and gals enjoy the upcoming show.

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  1. Glenn P

    Wes new member here can’t stop listening to the shows definitely the best I have found!! Great pic off You two can definitely tell the Mutual respect that you to share. keep up the great work that you are doing for the Community of believers I am one of them. Take care.

  2. Denise F

    It’s great in the black and white, captures the moment.

    I’ve been trying to blow up his pics to see what cufflinks he’s wearing, lol. Anyways, glad you guys had a good time 😊

  3. Greg O

    The Sasquatch community arguably would not exist without Bob. Just like many others, he is a good man who has had to endure a lot of slander. Thanks Wes for doing what many of us would love to do. Have a relationship with Bob.

  4. Avril F

    What a great picture . Thank you Wes for sharing. I love to listen to Bob when he is on the show as he has had a most interesting life. If you asked me to sum up this picture in one word then it has to be Respect.
    Thinking of you all in America from across the Pond.

  5. Elaine L

    Awesome picture of you two. I do have to say when I first looked at the picture I would have sworn that Bob was the twin brother of Chief Dan George. A chief with the Coast Salish Band in North Vancouver, B.C. Born in 1899 and passing away in 1981 he was quite the character! Not only a wonderful person but a truly authentic example of an old-time indigenous person.

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