Oct 12

Upcoming Show: Episode 800

Its been an amazing journey

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    • Emily T

      i love it Wes! Have learned so much from your shows! Please keep them coming , one day soon there will be one captured to prove to all they have been there all along! Thanks!!

  1. Karen H

    Every episode gives the same excitement like when the lights go down, and the movie starts in the theater !
    Thanks for all the incredible amount of care and work you put in to every episode. Glad to be able to be part of something as wonderful and amazing as reaching the 800th episode of the greatest show going. Congratulations Wes. Sasquatch Chronicles continues to be that much needed break in a world that lately seems upside down ! 🌎👹❤️

  2. Annette H

    What a journey, I rarely comment because being in Australia I’m always listening after everyone else but man, 800 episodes and it just keeps getting better. That sounds and looks incredible, gosh your skills have come a long way. Congratulations Wes.

    • anna T

      Very happy I found this show. It’s been a true pleasure listening as people who know something is out there can share experiences judgement free. Congratulations on # 800.

  3. Esther L

    Ditto to all of the above comments! It truly feels like a priviledge to listen to these accounts each week. I’ve recently made it through 798 and will listen to Sundays show now. Mr. Germer, you are a talented and concsientous host and producer. Bravo man, bravo. Your production of this show has made a difference to so many. Thank you to you and wholeheartedly to all of your guests.

  4. Sharon H

    800 shows IS amazing. You’ve come far, Wes and you keep doing this great show for the benefit of humanity. You are appreciated more than you know. Congratulations!

  5. Tedd

    Wes, I’ve been along for the ride since you started. Not only have you helped so many people share their story with a rare skill of listening but you’ve helped people like me going through tough times. Can’t thank you enough!🙂

  6. Alexander R

    I’m glad you put Mike Wooley back in there. He should be remembered. I like the music better too great job Wes.

    I would still like to hear the original once and a while though on special episodes it still gives me goosebumps when I dig into the archives and hear that intro. Start off with the new intro then do the radio dial change into the old like you’ve done before..love it!

  7. Robyn T

    Kudos Wes, congratulations on #800!! btw, love your voice & also Woody’s. Best podcast out there, by far. Your interviewing style is unique. Really appreciate how you never get in the way of a guest. Plus the golden question at the end, “No wrong answer” . That’s the cherry on top of each individual story. Thank you Wes.
    We believe because we’ve seen.

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