Oct 12

Sasquatch Prince Edward Island, Canada

In June 2001 while in the woods shooting a scene for a home movie with a friend being chased by bad guys, a large, black and furry creature bolted from the tree-line, ran across the clearing and then disappeared into the woods.

11 Responses to “Sasquatch Prince Edward Island, Canada”

  1. Arlene H

    It seemed so set up at first, why you you be filming your buddy running thru a meadow, but the more I watched it, the creature seemed like the real deal…..but who knows, I am undecided on this one!

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Haven’t seen this video in a while. You know the expression, go with your gut? Well my gut tells me everything about this is wrong, fake, and set up. Not that it even matters, but where are the so called bad guys chasing this character? Why would an always cautious Sasquatch wait until the second this guy passes him, to bolt across the screen? And is that what someone would expect a Bigfoot to look like running? It’s small and round, and goes bouncing across the screen looking like a swimmer out of the water doing the breath stroke. Too Funny!!

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