Oct 13

Upcoming Show: I Am Not Sure What We Saw

A listener writes “I heard about your podcast recently and started listening to it. I’m not sure if my story fits with your show, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to reach out and see if you have heard of any similar stories. I had a strange experience/encounter with 2 friends of mine in the summer of 2005.

Let me start by giving you a little information about where this happened. I’m from a city called Federal Way in Washington state. We’re about 30 miles south of Seattle and border Tacoma. The area this happened in is called Twin Lakes. Twin Lakes is in the southwest part of Federal Way near Brown’s Point in Tacoma and right on Puget Sound. This area is suburban, but with a lot of tall evergreen trees and woods. I grew up there. I know the wildlife in this area. In the Pacific Northwest the sun goes down very late in the summer. Around 10 or so since we are pretty far north.

In the summer of 2005, I had moved back home. So had my friends Ryan and Kelly. The 3 of us grew up in the same cul de sac with each of our houses being one house apart. Kelly had just finished college and me and Ryan just needed to move home for whatever reason. We were all about 23 or 24 years old. One day, I believe it was in August, we were out playing softball with some friends at the local high school. Kelly’s girlfriend helped couch the team so she had a key to the fields. When we had finished, we were all going to go home, clean up, and then meet back up with everyone at Applebee’s. Since Ryan, Kelly, and I lived in the same cul de sac we had driven together. When we got home, Kelly went to his house, but me and Ryan went to Ryan’s house to have a beer and smoke a cigarette. We’re sitting on his back patio just hanging out when Kelly calls to see if we were ready to head out. We told him we had been chilling having a drink. He came up to join us. (We we’re not drunk or on any drugs during this. We had 1 beer and we’re smoking cigarettes).

Ryan’s back yard is where this happened. His back yard has a concrete patio directly out from the kitchen. It’s on ground level. Extending along the back of the house from the patio is a concrete basketball court with a hoop at the far end. His yard is completely fenced off and the gate was closed. The yard itself goes slightly up hill from the patio/basketball court with a shed in the corner of the yard. There are flowers lining the fence. They had been doing yard work so there were various tools around. There was a wheelbarrow lying on its side under the hoop and a shovel leaning against the house near the kitchen door. On the patio was a patio table which is where we were sitting. Kelly sat with his back to the basketball hoop, Ryan was to Kelly’s left, so his right side was to the hoop facing the shed, and I sat to Ryan’s left directly facing the basketball hoop.

As we sat there talking, the sun was going down. We didn’t have any lights on except for the light coming out from the kitchen. There was a faint light from that pre dusk just before the sun sets.

This is where things start getting weird. So, as we’re sitting there I notice that there is these lights up in the top of the evergreen trees behind the shed. It looked like someone had two flashlights and was moving them in circles next to each other. Those trees are pretty tall. I pointed it out to the other two. It was weird enough to take note of, but we were just like, that’s weird, but whatever. Not weird enough to freak us out or anything. Then, like 2 minutes later, from behind the wheelbarrow crawled this creature. I was facing towards it so I pointed and was like, “What the f*** is that?!?” This creature looked at me with as much surprise as I had. I looked at this thing in the face. Next, it took off running fast up the hill, and it sounded like a horse of a race track. Like it was heavy. It ran hand over feed and it was booking it up the hill and then it jumped OVER THE SHED into the trees where the lights had been shining.

The creature had a human face. I looked at it dead in the eyes. It looked at me. I don’t think it was expecting anyone to be back there. It had that “Oh, sh–” look in its eyes. It was almost a Golden or tan color with what looked like short hair all over it’s body except its face. It looked like a primate. It was running on all fours, but it looked like it was naturally bipedal. It’s shoulders were very broad with smaller legs. It had no tail. It wasn’t a cougar or a dog or anything I had ever seen before.

We were freaked out. So, I grabbed the shovel that was leaning against the house, and Ryan reached into the kitchen and grabbed a flashlight. We started creeping up towards the shed. Kelly was like, “F*** that! I’m not going up there! Are you guys crazy?” So me and Ryan were slowly making our way up the yard with our backs to each other freaking out. We were scared. I’m not trying to sound like we were fearlessly going after this thing. No way! We were freaking out! But we had to figure out what that thing was. As we’re making our way, Kelly says, “You know, guys, I don’t want to scare us anymore than we already are, but I just saw the most amazing shooting star I’ve ever seen in my life.” We looked at each other and said, “Yeah, forget this. Let’s get ready and meet everyone at Applebee’s and never talk about this again.” So, we did that. Until about a year later.”


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  1. m99

    Chilling experience for these young men. When I first came to SC and started realizing how the creatures move about, all fours, leaping, bouncing if necessary, all that, it was very alarming to me. I thought, fences couldn’t keep them out. Scary. Looking forward to hearing this guy’s encounter story & how it’s changed him and his friends behavior in the back yard. Thanks Wes.

  2. Christopher N

    Orbs show up fairly frequently in places haunted by spirits. The consensus among ghost hunters is that they are manifestations of spirits. That they appear in the presence of sasquatches suggests to me that they’re spirits of sasquatches. Perhaps they follow their kin around.

    I think I’ve seen every episode of My Ghost Story, which is a series from about a decade ago. There are a couple of episodes in which witnesses describe shadowy figure in the scale and shape of a sasquatch. One actually appears on video. They are part of in demonic hauntings.

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