Apr 26

Upcoming Show: Attacked in the woods!

I just spoke to a listener who talked about his friend being attacked in the woods by a creature, while they were hunting. His friend started getting dragged off and his friend shot the creature in the shoulder…..more to come.

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  1. William L

    Whoa, an actual attack and gunfire: I can hardly wait to here this one. Sounds like it might be one of the milestone shows: Pre- Attack in the Woods — Post- Attack in the Woods

  2. Kenneth M

    Can hardly wait! I hope this guy has a good phone – Getting snacks ready for this one – I love it when these grabby monsters get shot at – Just wish we could get a body in. If its a domestic species, perhaps we can hunt it and harvest its meat – they are so big get lots of meat from it. – would love to be the first author of a “101 was of How to cook a Sasquatch” : ) : )

  3. michael n

    I believe squatch was found to be part human and part unknown. Whether this is true or not I dont know. That led me to think that if they are part human there will be groups out there demanding they have the same rights we do. What a mess that would be. Imagine doing life in prison because you shot a squatch that was messing with your family.

  4. Jeffrey H

    Someone needs to tell our SC friend Duke (?) so that he starts to carry protection just in case a bear, mountain lion or a BF decides to bring on some serious conflict! A ? just isn’t going to cut it as serious protection. Really looking forward to this episode. I bet we don’t hear any flutes with this story!

  5. Jan W

    Can hardly wait to hear this one! I can think of few things worse than getting drug off by BF (or any cryptid for that matter). Not sure how one would recover from such a traumatic experience…

  6. Jacqueline O

    Will both men be interviewed?… simultaneously?…

    I hope they are telling a true account, or they will have HELL to pay from the squatch community!!!

    We do not like the fakers or haters!!!

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