Oct 17

UNDERcurrents—The Big Foot Film (1999)

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Researcher John Kirk makes an appearance in this segment, along with Cliff Crook (showing his Bigfoot museum), and Bob Heironimus’ lawyer. UNDERcurrents—The Big Foot Film (1999) is the same material as the Marketing a Myth program (also found on this channel) but with a different host, intro, and outro.”

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  1. Ron S

    Wow, where’d you dig up this gem? I’m not sure why so many critics want to disprove Patty. The PG film isn’t the “end all be all” to Sasquatch being real or not, especially for most of us as we simply weren’t there when it happened…And no matter what you believe, this one film isn’t perpetuating thousands of ongoing eyewitness encounters and it wasn’t the start of it all when the creature was being reported hundreds of years beforehand. The only thing I can really say is that personally I stand with Bob Gimlin, regardless…if he says it was a real nonhuman creature and was real to his own eyes, then it’s good enough for me too. I’ve had my own experiences and seen the proof so the film didn’t throw me off the fence to one side or the other…it was my own encounters that made me a believer/knower.
    To Bob Gimlins credit, think about this…do you really think a guy that knows large powerful animals as well as he does is not going to know what he’s looking at as far as muscles moving, or even not question if Roger was pranking him if it looked off in the slightest?…I don’t think so.
    How does anyone know this is even a female? Ever see the old man in the movie Jaws?,”that’s some bad hat Harry”…sounds ridiculous, but what makes you so sure that “Patty” isn’t a male past his prime or was layed up with a long time injury and those aren’t actually huge pectorals that became “moobs”?…seriously! I believe the absolute only way the the creature in the PG film isn’t real is………………
    If Bob Gimlin knew about a movie/suit beforehand, additionally that Patterson was dying of cancer and wanted to leave a legacy behind that showcased his artistic talents that left us in awe…I think Bob is the kind of guy that would keep that kind of secret for a friends last dying wish and not take a penny for it…but I absolutely don’t think this was the case. Either way you look at it Bob Gimlin is firstly the most sincere honest person you could ever meet and brave in describing the events that took place, or on the downside (for Patty believers) he’s the absolute best and most trusted friend you could ever ask for and would hold your honor to his grave…to me I’d wager Bob Gimlin has both these characteristics outside the topic of this film regardless and he speaks only the truth. Whatever kind of mortar that makes a guy like Gimlin you could build one helluva solid castle and kingdom with it, I wish there were a lot more people around made of the same stuff. God Bless Bob and those close to him…and what the heck, God Bless you all out there!

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