Oct 17

Peter Byrne On The Patterson-Gimlin Film (1997)

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Ray Crowe (1931–2015), founder of the Western Bigfoot Society (WBS), used to hold monthly meetings for WBS. Sometimes these meetings took place in a restaurant. Thanks to Larry Lund, we have some footage of Peter Byrne discussing the Patterson-Gimlin film. This footage is from October 30, 1997 to commemorate the 30th (and 10 day) anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin film.”

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    • Charles R

      Yes he was and a diabetic also. Amazing he could spend so much time in the bush doing what he loved.
      More info revealed here I was not aware of and probably Bob Gimlin also, however Bob was so fixiated on Patty on for good reason. I met Peter Byrne 2011 or 12 at Ohio Conference. Shame he never saw one. Liked his story how he smuggled out what was purported to be a Yeti Finger from maybe a monestary in Nepal or Tibet. To get it out of India he had Jimmy Stewart (very famous actor) have Jimmy’s wife hide it in her underware luggage thinking the Customs would not look there and they did not. Was not a Yeti finger though in the end.

  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) That was great!! Thanks once again Wes. I just read that Peter Byrne is 96 years old and still active! What a life he’s lived!I agree it was really neat seeing Paul Freeman there! I didn’t see Bob Gimlin in attendance. If anyone knows, I’ve often wondered if Paul Freeman and Bob Gimlin knew eachother.? You would think so, as they were responsible for the two most famous videos ever taken of Bigfoot, and probably knew many of the same people.

    • Charles R

      Possibly they did Glen K. However soon after Bob and Roger’s famous film, and certainly after Roger passed in 1972, I believe, Bob disassociated himself from the Bigfoot field entirely. All the flak and criticism was too much for him and maybe more so for his wife, as they came close to a divorce. It was not until the turn of the century he got back into Bigfoot with the help of Doug Hajicek and encouragement from a few other researchers.

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) That’s a good point! I hadn’t thought of that. Nevertheless, the Patterson-Gimlin film was taken in 1967. Paul Freeman died in 2003. That’s 36 years after the film was taken. Now, we should consider that both Bob and Paul shared a bond that no two other people on the planet did. They were both ostracized for taking two of the most incredible videos ever taken of Bigfoot. I wonder if that bond would prompt one of them to reach out to the other?

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