Sep 13

Ufologist displays ‘alien corpses’ during Mexico’s UFO hearings

A UFO journalist and researcher displayed two bodies he claims are alien corpses during a hearing in Mexico’s congress. The hearing comes after the U.S. held its own hearings on UFOs, and ahead of a NASA report on the phenomena.

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  1. Ron S

    The depths of the imagination attached to emotion is seriously a powerful thing. It is likely the key in manifesting thoughts or feelings into reality within the hear and now as well as the future… Also creating realities even within other realms that our own future awaits, wether in this lifetime or some other state of existence.

    The mind allows us to achieve greatness, causes us to have faith in ourselves, in others and also something greater in that which lies beyond what we are incapable of comprehending.

    It can also be a powerful force that feeds negative energies, affects those around us negatively, creates dark negative realms (the polar opposite of greatness) of failure, and failed futures being engulfed in the darkness and terror that also dwell within concepts of the mind, brought into existence the same way as the light and righteous and joyous.

    Personally, my own imagination when seeing these mummified beings is truly taken on an incredible journey.

    I can’t help but imagine one glorious day that these beings will one day be ascended into the sky while I myself am blind to it all. In that moment I shall take up my staff.

    I will then swing wildly in excited desperation, hoping to land true devastation on the day of my birth… I mean, I just can’t even imagine what kind of candy must be stuffed in those things. 😂🌞❤️

  2. Knobby

    The newscaster said they couldn’t find any origins for the claim these are 1,000-year-old alien corpses found in Peru. Something like this needs x-rays and other bonified forensics to substantiate it.

    • Charles R

      My wife had the conference on yesterday, however being telecast is Spanish with some english interpretation, it was hard to fathom all the statments. Supposedly DNA was extracted and different from ours, and they did show pictures of X rays showing a skeletal rib cage and such. One had 3 egg shaped organs (maybe) in the lower belly area. Now this head being elongated in the back sure shares a resemblence to E T, and one that I am not familiar with. Those fingers are really long. I would have to hear a lot more to draw any kind of opinion as of now.

      • Ron S

        Didn’t I just ask yesterday to see E.T.’s finger?!

        I didn’t even think of that!!!

        Ask and you shall receive… I told you guys God had a great sense of humor.😂
        This is awesome 🤩

          • Ron S

            My first comment at the very top when right over my fiancés head😩

            Did anyone realize towards the end of that I was referring to these things as looking like piñatas filled with candy, and I want to break one open on my birthday?

            I sure hope so, otherwise I’m going straight back to Lemuria 😂

  3. Knobby

    Yep, total farce. It was debunked by scientists who studied the alleged alien corpses two years ago. The following is copied from an article.

    “Well, the fundamental problem with Maussan’s claims is that these so-called ‘alien’ mummies have already been debunked by scientists — two years before he presented them to Mexico’s Congress.

    A team of experts put together by Alexander Sokolov from the Scientists Against Myths YouTube vlog found that the bodies were actually made of a ‘hodgepodge of human and animal bones’.

    One of them was found to have a thigh bone where its upper arm bone should be, while its head was thought to have been created from the rear part of a llama or alpaca skull.

    The article goes on to explain much more, identifying known parts of human and llama anatomy stuck together, some parts upside down.

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