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A Continuous Chatter Of Several Human-Like Voices

A listener writes “I have listened to your podcasts for a couple of years and enjoy them very much. I finally became a member as well. You are doing a service to many people by creating an outlet for them to share their encounters. Thank you for that.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, science has always been paramount in how I view the world. While I always suspected that Bigfoot was real, after listening to the many podcasts that you have broadcast, there is no longer any question in my mind. They are real and exist in many more locations than I realized. If 95% of the encounters you have posted were not true (which I know is not the case), that leaves the remaining 5%. Well that’s enough for me. Being from Maine and living all of my life in the Northeast, from Western New York to Maine I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman. My Dad and his hunting buddies built a small hunting cabin (15′ x 15′) in the woods of northern Maine in the mid-60’s. It is in a remote area and still remains off the grid today.

The “Dads” took us to camp as young teens and introduced us to the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. The original Dads have since passed and my generation has introduced our children to the woods in much the same way as we were introduced. And so the tradition continues. We all look forward to the months of October and November when we can get away for a few days up to camp. I have not seen a Bigfoot, or heard howls, or other suspicious tree knocks, etc. Neither have my hunting buddies. As you have said in previous podcasts, people in Maine are very reserved/quiet about any strange things that may have occurred to them, such as Bigfoot encounters or UFO encounters. I am now a firm believer in both, in spite of it being a lonely position to take in Maine. I intend to go to the hunting camp this year with a bit more of an eye/ear out for creatures other than deer, moose, and bear!

To my one and only potential Bigfoot incident. I could never explain it to myself satisfactorily until after I listened to your show for a while. It is not a very exciting account, but it really happened and left me perplexed for years.

It was around 14 years ago, but I remember it very clearly. It was November and the usual crew was at the hunting camp for our annual Thanksgiving weekend hunt. There were four of us and we knew each other very well, having hunted together for 30 years. That night we had dinner around 7:30 and were playing cards before going to bed. Around 8:30 pm or so, I went outside to relieve myself. It was a very dark night, any moonlight or stars covered by a thick blanket of misty fog. Even the light from the propane lanterns inside the camp didn’t penetrate the darkness. The trees were dripping from the mist – not the kind of weather we want during hunting season. Three inches of fresh snow is what we hope for. Not this year! As I was standing there in the pitch black wilderness, I could hear what sounded like several men and women casually talking. Humans. They weren’t chimpanzee sounds or Samurai chatter.

It was a continuous chatter of several human-like voices, but I couldn’t understand a single they were saying no matter how hard I tried. I could see nothing. I remember thinking it sounded like a busy outdoor cafe. But there is no such place nearby, and even our nearest neighbor is miles away. And who would be outside on a damp foggy night anyway? I listened to it for 3 or 4 minutes before going back to the camp to tell my buddies what I had heard and for them to come out and listen. Of course that was met with a laughter, mean comments, and sarcasm. This is normal for hunting camp and no one gets offended. Later, after they had each gone outside to relieve themselves before bed, I asked if anyone heard anything. A resounding NO was the reply, with a couple of follow-up negative comments. I didn’t bring it up again.

Sound can carry quite far when the right atmospheric conditions exist. I decided it must be some kind of atmospheric thing transferring sound from several miles away. (Like skip on a CB radio). But I never really was satisfied with that explanation. After listening to many of your podcasts, it seems more plausible to me that I heard a group of Bigfoot speaking to each other – and not too far away. What else could it be? Of course we will never know for certain. I am intrigued at what this may imply and am very anxious to go back up to camp this Fall.

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  1. Charles R

    Well thanks for coming forward. I suspect this has happened to untold thousands, hundreds of thousands or more maybe, hunters, hikers, and just those enjoying the outdoors and great wilderness that this country and Canada have to offer. And they also were perplexed.

  2. Ron S

    In all seriousness, I’ve learned a very valuable lesson for myself after many different kinds of encounters and I hope people can take something positive away from it.

    I don’t really know where I fit into this world as far as religious monograms or groups go, I go with what works for myself from positive interactions.

    My whole life I’ve never really seemed to fit in anywhere in particular but I was always good at fitting in most anywhere at any given time instinctually I suppose.

    I think it’s an important lesson in life that everyone enters new environments or situations with wisdom and a respect for your surroundings. There is a certain level of preparedness you have to keep in check for peace of mind…

    I stress the word “peace” as sometimes being too confident is being narrow minded and exposes ignorances. Giving all your faith to being overly prepared defensively for a physical challenge incites fear on yourself and also those around you.

    Sometimes it seems like we make for ourselves an imbalance preparing for confrontations in this physical realm in many ways, when at the same time we lose the knowledge of how to find preparedness in the spiritual world and finding a good balance between the two.

    Between spiritual and physical a good positive balance of both seems to work well for everyone consistently if you can achieve it, IMO.

    I would recommend that wherever you go in life is a good place to gain knowledge of both realms and encounter awareness, and always treat both of them with respect.

    You could be armed to the teeth and have rations and supplies for days, but If you aren’t spirituality prepared to be in nature, and you then start to look or listen for something beyond natures physicality, you may actually encounter something from that realm, and maybe it’s going to add a whole lot of confusion to your life that may or may not take you to dark places for an unknown length of time.

    If you are good at respecting and appreciating nature’s physical beauty, that’s still a good place to start. Stick with good nostalgic thoughts of the outdoors and carry those in the woods with you… It’s not a 12 gauge double barrel Jesus loaded with 00 buckshot, but I think good energy is definitely good enough to keep you out of harms way and from tripping or snapping an ankle in one of those pesky rabbits holes.
    Life is full of unique lessons, learn as you go:)

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