Sep 14

A Strange Sound Of Yelling In The Woods. Take A Listen

A listener writes “Hey Wes, a long time listener and really enjoy the show! I hate to bother you with this but I live in Urbana, Iowa in the middle of the woods and heard this really strange sound yelling in the woods tonight, I know you’ve been playing name that sound and was wondering if you had any ideas? I attached the recording below.”

I have take all three recordings and made them into one. I also cleaned it up. At first I thought I knew what known animal sound this was but after listening to it, I am not so sure. Take a listen:




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12 Responses to “A Strange Sound Of Yelling In The Woods. Take A Listen”

  1. Truett C

    My dog listened for a few minutes then got up and left. The regular sounds on here she has no problem with unless they are played really loud. This sounds like something or someone in pain or injured.

  2. Darinda B

    That is absolutely creepy. Very interesting, it sounds like a large animal. Kind of sound like a human having a really bad day but too loud and deep. Strange all the way around!!

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