May 16

Truck Driver Hits ‘Bigfoot’ in Alabama

DECATUR, Ala. — A truck driver on Wednesday said he had witnessed “something” resembling a Bigfoot creature being hit by another truck on an Alabama highway.


“I just got my truck after I had been in training. I drove from Milwakee to Alabama,” he said about the trip leading to the daylight encounter. “I went lay down for a little while, so I went to a truck stop. I took a nap, got up, decided to have some lunch, and while I was having lunch I got my next load.”

According to the man, as he drove along the highway, “something” came out of the woods and began running on two legs across the asphalt.

“It was fast, fast, fast. I tell you this, it made that clearing from the woods to the road in about, at most, 10 seconds, that’s how fast it was going,” he recalls.

Then, says the driver, he saw another truck hitting the alleged creature in the hip.

“It turned around, twisted around and it fell on the shoulder. I was thinking ‘what the heck was that thing?’”

Reportedly, curious to see what it was, he drove back to investigate. But, it turns out, that decision didn’t facilitate a better look at the supposed creature.

“It wasn’t dead, but it was mad. You could hear it. He was probably 6 feet tall, loaded with muscle and covered in hair,” said the man. “I have never seen a bear other than at the zoo and on TV, but when I think of a bear, I don’t think of it running on its hind legs, not sprinting and running. This thing was fast and had normal people legs and big long arms,” he added.

But the truck driver says he had slept enough hours and that he wasn’t tired, adding that he “wasn’t crazy” and that it still didn’t look like a bear.

“I called my mom and told them about it, she said, ‘why don’t you go back and take a picture of it?’ I said ’cause I didn’t know what it was, a bear a Bigfoot, all I knew is it was mad and I wasn’t gonna figure out what it was, in case it would rip me in half’. I don’t know if it was Bigfoot or what it was, all I know is it freaked me out. I know there have been a lot of Bigfoot sightings in this area,” he said.



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  1. JAMES B

    Damm these things are robust!!!
    Rethinking an attempt to have another encounter…
    No matter how curious I am…. this site has changed my feelings about hiking and camping forever!
    Might be safer to convert an old bank transport truck to a re-enforced camper, just for safety sake

  2. Carol S

    Sounds like them grand old south is crawling with these things. I like the reinforced camper idea! I agree with James; all these stories make you view an innocent hike in the woods a little differently now.

  3. Tyler D

    Hey Wes, are you planning on doin any shout outs on tonight’s episode?? If you wanna throw a shout out my way I’d be cool with that haha. So I have somethin to brag about for the next few weeks.
    P.S. Thanks for the F shack- Dirty Mike and the boys

  4. Dave T

    That just may be how we get a body. Another half a step and that Squatch was a hood ornament. I drive a semi so I can tell you that that BF was just grazed because these trucks destroy what they hit 800lbs or not. I hit a full size deer last yr and launched him 40 yds down the road and the only thing it did to my truck was break the plastic cover over my license plate, not another mark on my truck. When one of these guys takes a direct hit from a big truck, it won’t be a Hairy and the Hendersons version or what this guy said it just got pissed off. By the way, I wasn’t happy about the deer, totally unavoidable.

  5. r v

    Hmmm… Could it get you out of a ticket? I wonder… I was doing 120, Officer, because SOMEBODY has to bring one of these things in.

  6. Jim C

    Wow! For the truck driver, what was the HW in Decatur , was it the beltline HW 67 through the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge area? I live a few miles north from there, outside Huntsville. We fish in the Decatur area all the time back in the creeks near Point Mallard and other areas within the refuge area. I’m certain if you or the other driver made an official report with local police, it would have been all over the local news. Bigfoot in Morgan County AL., there are about 300K residents in this part of north central Al. with thousands of acres of wildlife areas along the Tenn. River. I can believe sightings occurring in northeast Jackson county which is very remote and mountainous , the tip of the southern Appalachian but Decatur goes to show they can survive right next to decent size population areas. A little scary.

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