Nov 30

Tri Diver: How long are Pattys arms?

Tri Diver writes “How long are Pattys arms? You might be surprised. Is she Human? Is she an ape? Using a software tool called tracker I measure her arms and try to dismiss some of her more popular misconceptions.”

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  1. Steven B

    Thinker Thunker has done a great video showing leg, torso, arm ratios and is able to demonstrate that it cannot be a man in a suit because joints (elbows, knees, shoulders, hips) do not line up with a human being’s.

  2. Charles R

    Arms are longer than a human and shorter than a chimp. To get proper proportions, maybe the Jacobs photo is better and an analysis was done by I believe the University of Vermont. That is assuming the Jacob photo is a young Sasquatch, and I think it is.

    Keith C – I think the best guess is in your figures, but even Bob Gimlin is not sure. He does state how massive she is. I think she is a younger female and not totally developed, but of course I could be way wrong. However 42 to 48 inch between each step indicates something quite large for a bipedal creature.

  3. Jan F

    A Crew tog up at Bluff Creek,the exsact same place whit a laser tripod and film it all,also those dead trees in front and back.
    So in that Way they could tell how High the demintion was on patty.its also on youtube.

    You know the tripod they use When a crime is made.
    Some Amerian C.S.I use it .it film everything Down to a little blood drop.

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