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“My Mother’s Story”

A listener writes “I’m going to share my mother’s story. My mother was born in 1952 right here where I’ve grown up. She lived in a VERY small town “If you call it that” named Gretna Virginia. It’s about 45 minutes north of me about 20 minutes or so from where my encounter happened.

In 1959 when she was 7 years old they lived on a huge farm just outside of Gretna. My Grandfather invited a bunch of his friends to come down for a raccoon hunt. Everybody showed up around dusk to mobilize and get the dog’s ready, well after this was done everybody and the dog’s lit out into the woods. It wasn’t long the dog’s started jumping coons. My Mom said she could hear them howling, short time later she heard a scream/howl she had never heard before. She said it scared her to death, she went on to tell me that immediately after something run all the hunters AND THE DOG’S out of the woods. They never came back to hunt it again, she told me she was SO CURIOUS what had happened that she asked her daddy, and a couple of his friends what had happened. The response she got was “Absolutely nothing a 7 year old little girl should know about” Her story has intrigued her AND ME to this day.

She’s in a home now battling alzheimers, which makes you revert back to your childhood. Sometimes she yells out for her Mama and her Daddy, and sometimes she yells out VERY LOUDLY “It’s after dark DON’T GO IN THOSE WOODS!!” I love my Mama and miss her dearly. This Thanksgiving has been the 1st without her, and just isn’t the same. This is the first time I’ve ever shared her story.”

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  1. theresa m

    Thank you for sharing your story. First holidays without a parent are hard. I hope thoughts of her fill your heart with peace. I’m just a few years older than her and my mom is 82. There’s something special about a mother’s love!

    • Kerry H

      I lost my mum on September 6th of this year, so it will also be my first Christmas and birthday without her. I miss her so much, didn’t realise the loss I would feel until she passed. Xxx

  2. Denise F

    Sounds like an event that stuck with her….spooky to hear that howling/yelling that’s so foreign to anything you’ve heard.

    I think your mom is super lucky to have a daughter like you 😊.

  3. Ulrike H

    Thanks for sharing her story. I know how hard it is to watch a parent suffer with Alzheimer’s. My thoughts are with you and I’d love to hear your encounter too!

  4. Cynthia H

    May God bless you and your Mother. Thank you for letting us share in her experience. I was recently at the first Bigfoot conference in SC and several eyewitnesses were from Virginia.

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