Feb 24

Top 10 bigfoot sites in North America

The YouTuber writes “This is a list of the top ten site locations of reported bigfoot encounters in north America. To a video I took investigating west branch state park in portage county Ohio.”

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  1. Knobby

    I wonder where this video gets its numbers? — The BFRO? There are research sites taking reports all over North America now. My research area was No. 5, Josephine County, Oregon. It sits just top of Six Rivers in Northern California which was listed as No. 6. Lots of wilderness and definitely a large population there.

  2. Maynard w

    Thank u toomuch. I am from summit county. I worked at a camp surrounded by Cuyahoga natural park for 6 summers. Hiked the metro parks every year and often. I growed up across from silver creek before half of it was a park. Lived in a tent every summer and most weekends for decades. Hunted Summit Wayne Portage Stark and other counties. Heard a few odd things. No way it’s a hotbed. Not discrediting anyone’s accounts. But a hotbed?

    • Michele S

      I know what you mean Maynard, I have lived in Ohio for 47 years, and although my one and only sighting was in Ohio, I am amazed when I hear people make comments about Ohio being a hotbed. I have hunted and fished ever since I was old enough to walk on my own with a fishing pole. I just don’t see Ohio being that vast of an area. Specially since the building boom of the late 80’s and 90’s, when if a man owed enough ground to put up 2 or 3 houses then that is what he did. In doing all that building, Ohio’s wood plots and forest has suffered.

    • Maynard w

      Since about 1981 when I was 8. Thank you ‘In Search Of.’ Unfortunately moved to AZ a few years back. Moving back in a year-ish. Any areas I can give you insight into…

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