Feb 24

Tonight: The Gugwe and Wendigo’s

Tonight I welcome Duke to the show to discuss the Wendigo. Duke has spent many years looking into the different “types” of Sasquatch creatures. He will be sharing with us his research and some encounters of the Wendigo he has looked into. Duke and I were talking today about the Wendigo and I mentioned to him that I felt like the Spottsville Monster was a Wendigo and not a traditional Sasquatch.

Below is a sketch of the Spottsville Monster


The American Indians had their own tales of the Wendigo, dating back so many years that most who were interviewed could not remember when the story had not been told. The Inuit Indians of the region called the creature by various names, including Wendigo, Witigo, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go but each of them was roughly translated to mean “the evil spirit that devours mankind”. Around 1860, a German explorer translated Wendigo to mean “cannibal” among the tribes along the Great Lakes.

The show will be posted shortly.

In Loren Coleman’s book “Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America” he talks about the Wendigo and the Gugwe




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  1. juan s

    You and Duke should listen to Dogman Encounters Episode 66. The guest had uncles who hunted and killed dogmen and possibly bigfoot when they became a nuisance.. they described 3 types of “woolyboogers”,”big foot”, “bear foot” and “werewolf” The “bear foot” was described as creature that had a bigfoots body but a bears head and clows on its hands and feet and would take children when possible. This was a very informative episode. and this was in Alabama.

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