Feb 24

A huge arm reach up and grasp a branch to snap it

A listener writes “I was visiting my brother for a few weeks in Tacoma Washington. He was stationed at Fort Lewis army base nearby. My brother and his friend George decided they would drive me back to Los Angeles, where I lived, and where they grew up too. When we got to Roseburg the transmission went out, and we had to stay for the weekend because nobody was available to fix the tranny. It was Sunday. So, we got a small motel room, and decided to go to the movies, at a small movie house on a farm (yes) seven miles south of town.

The film was “Star Wars”: the original one. Took a cab there. decided to walk back to the motel, which was on Hwy 99, south of town. Long walk. Very dark. Very few cars. Something was following us, I could tell, with the hillsides, walked across creek as we walked over bridge, made loud “KERPLUNT, KERPUNGK” sounds like a very heavy person walking across the creek. Freaks us out a little, but we kept walking. Finally, we could hear it walking through a patch of forest on the side of a hill to our right, as it was breaking branches. Not twigs…branches. I looked over and saw a huge arm reach up and grasp a branch to snap it. I didn’t wait until I heard the “snap” (which I did after I took off running) but we all took off running, and we ran for what probably was two miles.

The fur was darkish reddish brown, very thick. Saw the hand grasp the tree branch. A thick branch which it snapped like a twig. Did not search for a face or body. Saw enough. RAN!!!! Later told my Dad, who said it was a bear. No, sorry, it was not a paw I saw wrap around a branch, but a HAND. Don’t remember any noise other than snapping of large thick branches and my brother saying: “C’mon Run Run!” True story. On Hwy 99 south of Roseburg, just south of a wide bend in the road, about two miles south of an old motel. 1977 I believe, or 78. Whenever “Star Wars” came out.”

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