Feb 10

Tonight’s Show: “You Saw The Slurry Troll”

I ran into technical issues this morning. The show might be posted later then 5pm PST but I am working on it.

Tonight I will be speaking with Kenny who had an encounter when he was young. A creature came up to his window and stared at him. Kenny said “The window is 8 feet up and this thing was just standing there looking at me. Later my mother told me about things that happened on the property and told me she believed me.

We will also be talking with Z. Z writes “In 2003 I was just out of high school with nothing to do. I worked with my dad at a goldmine somewhat north and east of Fairbanks, Alaska.

One afternoon after a particularly long shift, we were driving off the mountain and I lit a cigarette and leaned my head back to look out the window. A couple hundred yards below us was a copse of tree trunks left over from a forest fire the year before. As my eyes rested on them I saw what looked like a burned tree start walking like a man up the valley just below us.

The valley is drainage for the mine and is full of a superfine mud that’s left after gold is processed—we called it slurry—it’s very dangerous to walk across and the area was fenced off so it was strange to see a man down there but it was late April and much of it could have still been frozen enough to walk on however he’d gotten in there.

I pointed it out to my dad who had to stop and lean over me to see and he saw it just as it cleared the tree line.

He said he didn’t know how he got down there but we agreed he looked pretty big. We were fairly exhausted so we drove home and I forgot about it for the night.

The next morning I asked a coworker if they’d caught the guy down in the drainage pond. His brother worked security so I assumed he’d have heard anything if there was anything to hear. He hadn’t but he asked what I was talking about and I told him what we’d seen. He laughed and said “ohhh, you saw the Slurry Troll”.

He then told me that nobody calls it a Bigfoot but people had seen it up around the mine since the late 80’s and there was a rumor it even attacked a guy around ‘95 but I never heard any corroboration. I did speak to one operator who saw it from the bottom of a tunnel but he wouldn’t say much beyond that it was at least 8 feet tall because he saw it leaning over to look down at him.

The miners don’t like to talk about it because it risks a highly paying job so I’m not surprised I never heard much else.

What we saw was a jet black silhouette that sort of resembled Shaq, the arms and legs were sort of skinny compared to the barrel body. We didn’t see any sharp features beyond maybe some hair on the forearms.”

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  1. Linda B

    Thanks for letting us know about a possible later than usual show tonight Wes. Brian and I keep flipping between last weeks episode and the episode tab trying to be first! Seriously, hope all issues are resolved. 🙂 Thanks for everything you do!

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