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Strange activity on the farm

A listener writes “I live in East TN, near the border of KY. My oldest son telling me that he was in the deer blind and felt like he should look out the window. He said he saw an auburn colored hairy big big man traverse the hayfield above the blind. I never have eggs. It is like someone or something is stealing them.

My sons were feeding the chickens late one evening because they had forgotten to do their chores. We have moveable chicken coops that can be dragged around the farm so we don’t have to shovel manure. They are heavy hoops that sit on top of the grass. The hoops were close to a wooded area at the far end of the field. They both say that something screamed at them from the woods (from growl to screech all in one sound) all one scream. It came from an area where there is a grove of PawPaw trees, and we had just stripped the patch of all the fruit a few days before. That wasn’t good sharing TBH. The boys threw their buckets down on the spot and sprinted for the cabin.

We were building our post and beam strawbale house and I would camp out before the structure came together, I would camp out at night in a tent so I could be there and working when the sun came up. This saved a 1 hour drive to get there from my prior house. I woke up one night (July 2013) in the tent- it was 3AM and I don’t know why I woke up. It was quiet at first. Then a scream that sounded like a really LOUD human man it was an ARRRRRGGH sound, about 5 times being screamed. The thing was that it moved across the hillside over a great distance in a matter of seconds. The hill ridge line is a bit less than 1/2 mile away and the ridge line covers about 140 degrees of span above the tent. I thought some person was screaming as they rode a 4wheeler or dirtbike. It was too fast moving to be someone on foot. In fact it is the same ridgeline that my son saw one on just this time it sounded like the peak was being traversed.

During the summer of 2018, I was laying in bed in the temporary cabin we built on the same farm property. I was up in the loft and the loft window was open, maybe late August. Down the holler by the lake, I could hear a howl, very much like the Ohio Howl, that started low, and increased in pitch and ended in a coyote yip mimic. My son in the loft on the other side of the cabin has heard fingernails rapping on the window above his bunk. That window is about 12 feet off the ground. He keeps a blanket over his window so nothing can peer in on him. Most of my neighbors have lights you could land planes by… airport lighting. Bright bright lights. We are just a little ways up the ridge from Norris Lake.

I was picking blackberries over near the edge of the woods where that PawPaw patch is located. Something was flipping small pebbles at me. I was trying to stand my ground, and keep picking. I decided to try singing to it. I felt very very uncomfortable and scared, but I filled up my bowl before I left.

I’ve also had 5 trees pushed over, 4 really big big trees pushed down while I was outside on the farm here in TN, and once when I was camping near Oak Openings Park in OH.

I’ve only seen lights in the woods one time. We have a compost heap next to our apple orchard at the top of the hill at the farm. My son was dumping the compost and he heard something in the woods and gave it a wolf whistle- it wolf whistled back. Later that night I looked up the hill and in the tree line near that area, it looked like someone had a flashlight aiming upward from the ground to the underside of the leaves- could have been a person but I don’t know.”

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  1. Linda B

    Sounds like in the words of Matt Moneymaker”, there’s a bigfoot on that hill.” Very cool. Or very scary depending on how you look at it. A lot of signs and sounds adding up to trouble. I’d invest in some big lights and talk to a few neighbors. My husband and I plan to vacation in TN this spring. Hope you can come on the show. 🙂 Thanks Wes.

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