Aug 12

Tonight’s Show: The Dread Of The Dogman

Tonight I will be speaking to Ashley. Ashley comes to us from Connecticut. She was out for a hike trying to get out of the house because of the COVID lock down. Ashely said ” I came across this creature, I thought I stumbled on a movie set. There is no way it was real. I was looking at a werewolf, I never heard of a dogman. This has ruined my life.”

7 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: The Dread Of The Dogman”

  1. Teresa V

    this was such a great episode. my heart goes out to Ashley, this was very frightening, you can hear the terror in her voice. I hope it helps her just telling about her encounter.

  2. Ramona E

    So scary……very interesting. I would love to see a picture of the type of shoreline where you met the creature. That in it’s self is a disturbing feature in your story.

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