Aug 12

The Future of Human & Robot Relations

Naked Science writes “Advancements in the field of A.I. within the last decade have been astounding. From self-driving cars to robot doctors but where do those replacements stop?

In this episode we’ll look to the future to see how advancements in A.I. are increasingly blurring the distinction between what is human and what is machine. We’ll look at machines that improve the quality of life to those missing limbs, online chat bots to provide a social outlet for the lonely and more. But what might happen if these A.I. machines are programmed and directed by people with bad intentions? And what might happen when A.I can think for itself?

This documentary explores these ground breaking developments in amazing detail, and seeks to answer some important questions such as what kind of future are we, and the machines that are becoming so much a part of our lives, creating for generations to come?”

2 Responses to “The Future of Human & Robot Relations”

  1. James N

    co-exist would imply a “beneficial to both” relationship. In my opinion, I don’t think that can happen. Independent thought, common sense and reasoning would atrophy in humans over time. A.I. would exponentially increase at the same time. Human driven technology is already immoral and uncaring as it is.

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