Aug 11

Upcoming Show: I Shot One Out There Over 40 Years Ago

A listener writes “I have been trying to figure out if I need to email you or not. I’m not really good at this email stuff. I have listened to all your episodes, except the members only ones. I’m not a member yet. Your an awesome guy you take time to listen to everyone. You have done a great job with your podcast.

Ok hear I go.

Episode 830 talked about a man from Okeechobee Fla who had a encounter in fort drum , and on the prairie. Then I listened to episode 873 which was about I think I shot a man. I’m from Okeechobee FL.

My brother had a encounter on our home place growing up. Wes I shot one there were it’s not far from the prairie. I was with my step brother when I did. I’m shaking writing you this email. I also have a couple pictures of some from were my step brother has hunting land least down there. Episode 873 said you never know who else may have shot one and needs to come forward. This happened back in the 80s.

If you would like to talk you can email me back.”

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  1. Bill F

    As someone who OWNS property on “the Prairie” and has for more than 15 years. I know for a fact it is a very active area.

    I myself have had several run ins with them out there and know many others there that have as well.

    It is to this day still an active area where they come in to look around, find the things that were dropped by the weekend drunks on 4 wheelers and entertain themselves, The river basin to the west is their abode and the park I am sure was put in place to give them an area to roam unhindered.

    We all would very much like to hear your story and see what you have to put forward. Unlike locally, you will not be laughed at, made fun of or any other BS here. We are all in this together across this country. I do hope you decide to go on air with Wes, the whole community here is behind you and there is nothing to fear.

    It also helps a lot to talk about it and know you are not alone.

    Looking forward to hearing your story.. and again, if you or anyone in the area would like to talk my email is: I know what is there and would be happy to have a sit down discussion.

    Take care and hope to hear from you one way or another soon.

  2. m99

    Oh heck yeah! It’ll be therapeutic man. Good for you emailing Wes. No one is a better person to share your harrowing experience with. And man, you’ve missed some amazing member only shows. Can’t wait. Thx.

  3. Tina R

    It takes a lot of strength to share this as it may have been weighing on your heart. Maybe it was like alot of the episodes I hear and am beginning to really believe. They are not our friends and they don’t want to be friends and they are wild animals that they don’t mind taking a few of us out here and there. it’s amazing how the recent episode about the Amish guy said the thing was friendly. You may have a few here or there that have somewhat befriended the locals and are seen and don’t bother anyone ….they may just be curious. But I believe there are far more out there that mean us harm more than good. A percentage seems to just walk away …but another percentage will throw rocks which is dangerous, esp. if they are big rocks. I have listened to so many accounts. Wes it would be great if we had a pie chart that showed us on your show how many are agressive, with violent and intrusive accounts, the how many walk away, how many display sadistic animal killing patterns etc…maybe I could work on this. I have alot of episodes to go . Wes is the man and I bet someone could make a little better sense out of what we are looking at and how the creatures react in different areas of the united states. Thanks and can’t wait to hear your story. Thanks for being brave enough to share !

  4. Linda B

    Thanks for sharing your story with all of us. I can’t shake the feeling that I was so shallow when I first became interested in this subject. Listening to Wes’s podcast has convinced me they are real since I’ve never seen one, and what began as a fun intended curiosity has evolved into a deep sympathy for all those who have endured and suffered through these terrible encounters. I really appreciate you, Wes, in so many ways; your patience, your kind empathy, and your openness endeares you to everyone of us. Can’t wait to listen.

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