Oct 4

Tonight’s Show: The Creature At My Window

Tonight I will be welcoming Mike to the show who is from Texas and Tony who had an encounter in Montana. Tony describes seeing a creature at his window when he was very young. He writes “I don’t know why I woke up but when I did I was about 5 feet away from my bedroom window.

At first I thought I was still dreaming, standing in my window was what I thought was a large bear. I realize this was no bear. Whatever this was with large it completely fill my bedroom window. I would later come to understand top my window what’s almost 9 feet off the ground.

Whatever this was I couldn’t see the top of its head. It’s stood there staring at me in the dark I can see the dark orbs. Its face look like a cross between a human and an ape what I would later come to call proto-humans not quite us not quite them. I didn’t get a feeling of threat from it swing back and forth in the window it didn’t make any noise just scared.

Then it lifted his hand and puts his fingertips against the window. I hid under the covers until morning. After this I was terrified of the dark.”

Mike will be sharing an encounter that happen to a family friend. Later in life Mike said “I was going to feed the pigs not far from where my friend said he saw this thing and something screamed at my from the wood line.

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  1. Linda P

    (Montana) Can hardly wait! I especially like the Montana stories. Episode 190 is my favorite Montana tale because it happened in my backyard! Bring it on!!!

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